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India’s leading fashion brand “Diva’ni” to launch in Pakistan



Hiba Khalid
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Diva’ni is a magical orchestration of Yash Chopra’s classic, colorful and downright gorgeous imagination for women and it is here to celebrate its royalty in the very same, much-shared piece of land Pakistan. Diva’ni is not just a brand orchestrated out of a memory and a lifetime of perception- “Diva’ni” is everything about you that never got to see the light, your dreams, aspirations and the very much DDLG in every single one of us.

From Chana Chaat’ to Choolay Batoray, from Pani Puri to Gol Gappay, from Alai Bhatt to Fawad Khan, from Shahrukh Khan to Mahira Khan; we have been sharing lives and culture. It is about time we share the bits of every royalty that lived over the Indian cinema in centuries.

Diva’ni started off with the collaboration between Yash Chopra and KBSH Private Limited, a legendary name in the Indian cinema, as well as across the seven seas and yes dosti is just a bus ride away from Pakistan. Diva’ni is all about freedom and feminine grace. It’s a perfect mix of drama and classic beats. It is the ultimate feminine dream with clothes and attires that really do swivel in slow motion as you walk down the aisle.

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Diva’ni is India’s very first and original cinema inspired attire for women. The brand started off its journey in 2013 and is now a huge success in India. Rumors surfaced for Diva’ni launch in Pakistan that turned many heads, and the rumors are indeed true. Diva’ni is all set to launch its extravaganza and royalties in Lahore, Pakistan. The choice of store and location is again the ultimate approval of the Yash Chopra’s mindset and illustrations. The Lahori’s do have that extraterrestrial effect on cross borders with its legacy, architecture, art, fashion, food and culture. It is also the largest business orchestration and fashion hub. Indeed, a wise choice by the fellow Dress Makers.

The Fairytale brand has its largest Palace of orchestration in New Delhi. The creative director Sanya Dhir has repeatedly been reported to quote that Pakistan and India share culture, taste, food, celebrations, and exquisiteness for arts and heritage. The idea is to bring memories closer and boundaries, even more, closer. The celebratory and warm attire hugging team at the green land is Flitz Fashion lead by Shakil Zandani. According to Shakil Zindani Diva’ni is going to feel at home for more than one reason. Indeed the statement does have a purpose, and the culture mix is not easy to ignore. As it is famously quoted “Rules are meant to be broken, and boundaries are meant to be crossed”. Diva’ni is crossing borders and stepping into a land full of enchantment and fairy tales!

Its Sufi, Its classic, Its Lady Like, Its courageous, it brave, its freedom, its expression, it is heartfelt, and it is every bit of unrealistic reality right at your doorstep in Lahore and few miles of drive for others in Islamabad and lets just say an online virtual shopping center for dreamy Karachi-Wala’s.

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It is a dreading reality for parents and husbands out there; their pockets are soon going to be empty. And for all the independent women you would require every ounce of self-control to not spend your Richie Rich rupees but yes its is ultimate, and you are going to fail. The purchase is destined since the work is remarkable and it binds well with the realities and culture of our country. It does nourish the traditional yet courageous souls; it deepens the emotions, and it is sure going to make your pocket weigh less.

The venture is first of its kind, and it does bring along some great endeavors for future with itself. It is an excellent opportunity to be not a racist, it a healthy bite of crunchy samosa. It is like a lively Adele’s hello with a Gerua of colors and emotions. Opportunities like Diva’ni do not happen overnight. Efforts are endless and remarkable. Both the countries have shown true respect for each other, and that is the way a freedom felt Earth needs to feel. We created borders and boundaries. We created the Sitara’s and the Moti’s. Together we created the Jhumka’s and Dhumka’s. It is about time Pakistan & India walk down the Ramp in same Jalwa of women’s freedom called “Diva’ni”.

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