20 inventions by Pakistani scientists that make Pakistan proud

Pakistani scientists


Zuha Hameed
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Pakistan is a country that has been dragged through the mud for centuries, popularized as a third world country that cannot possibly escape the clutches of educational, scientific and technological backwardness. However, the people of Pakistan have proved points on the contrary. Pakistani scientists have left the world awe-struck by their famous contributions in the disciplines of physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry and engineering. Science and technology in Pakistan and their development arose to the same footing as that of many developed countries. Twenty of the most famous inventions by Pakistani scientists (in no particular order) include:

1. The Discovery of a Cancer Cell Detection Method

Dr.Samir Iqbal discovered an unorthodox method of cancer cell detection. The method incorporates the use of nanotextured walls that imitate different layers of the body tissues and thus an early diagnosis is made possible in due time.

2. The Discovery of Electro-weak Unification

Abdus Salam, Nobel Prize winning Pakistani theoretical physicist, has marked his milestone in the branch Physics by discovering for the first time in history, the science of electro-weak unification. He also served as the top level science and technology advisor to the government of Pakistan from 1960-1974, and he contributed greatly to the development of scientific infrastructure in Pakistan.

3. The Invention of the first Subcatenous Implant for Repeated Intrathecal Injections

Dr. Ayub Khan Ommaya, has made been a prominent name in the history of biology. The author of over 150 books, chapters, and articles, Dr.Ommaya primarily studied traumatic injuries to the brain, a CSF artificial organ and was interested in the philosophy of the human brain. Moreover, he embarked on a quest to find a treatment for cancer. The Ommaya Reservoir was founded by him in 1963, which later became the first medical reservoir to make use of Silicon, which is biologically inactive or unreactive and self-healing.

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4. The Invention of the Pleuroperitoneal shunt and Endotracheal Tube

The sphere of biology has further been contributed to by Sayed Amjad Hussain. Dr.Hussain invented two surgical devices which are crucial for most medical operations, the pleuroperitoneal shunt and a more distinct device called the endotracheal tube.The endotracheal tube is inserted into the trachea to establish, maintain and ensure the exchange of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen. While, the pleuroperitoneal shunt is used primarily for the treatment of malignant pleural effusions.

5. The Invention of the First Solar Power Mobile Phone Network

More recently, Pakistani researchers invented a mobile phone network that is powered by solar energy. This network thus will function regardless of regular service disconnections in instances such as earthquakes and floods. Moreover, thus contribute significantly to the domain of science and technology in Pakistan.

6. The Invention of the Atomic Bomb

The most famous of the inventions in the disciplines of physics and chemistry would be the invention of the Atomic bomb by Abdul Qadir Khan. Mr.Khan honored Pakistan with the title of the World’s 7th Atomic Power and made the 1st Islamic State to own an atomic bomb.

7. The Invention of Life Saving Software Simulation

Pakistani computer engineer, Zeeshan-ul-Hassan Usmani, invented a life-saving software simulation based completely on blast forensics has the potential to decrease deaths by 12%, and injuries can be expected to reduce by 7%. The software interprets and suggests how the consequences of a suicide bombing could be different if the people in the periphery of the suicide bomber were arranged differently.

8. The Invention of a Lavatory that Converts Human Waste into Fuel

A team working under the leadership of Pakistani Professor Sohail Khan at Loughborough Univeristy has invented a special lavatory that converts human waste into biological charcoal and minerals. These substances can then be used as fuel. In a country running short of fuels like Pakistan itself, natives inventing such exquisite objects does indeed make us Pakistanis proud.

9. The First Ever Connection Of Brain Cells to a Silicon Chip

Dr.Naweed Syed, is a renowned Pakistani scientist who was the first ever to connect brain cells to a silicon chip. Dr.Syed thus has led the world to the next level of artificial intelligence computing.

10. The World’s First Workable Plastic Magnet

Mr. Naveed Zaidi, is a Pakistani organic chemist and polymer scientist who has contributed to the discipline of chemistry. He has invented the world’s first workable plastic magnet at room temperature.

11. The Invention of Technology that Monitors Intracranial Pressure

Faisal Kashif has been the illustrator behind the idea and consequent invention of technology that accurately measure intracranial pressure.

12. The Invention of Rulers

The invention of probably the most important and basic measuring device in the areas of mathematics and physical sciences is the ruler. The invention of which has been traced back to Pakistan before 1500 B.C.

13. The Invention of Non-lethal Alternatives to Ammonium Nitrate

Fatima Fertilizer, a Pakistani firm invented non-lethal alternatives to ammonium nitrate that is a common ingredient in fertilizers. These alternatives cannot be converting into bomb-making ingredients like ammonium nitrates.

14. The Invention of Furnaces

The invention of furnaces is also traced back to Balakot, Pakistan. Furnaces were invented primarily for use in the manufacture of ceramic objects.

15. The Invention of The Non-kink Catheter Moun

A.K.Jamil, was the master mind behind the non-kink catherter moun. This device has worked wonders in the medical department. Dr.Jamil also invented a simple device that taught the control of ventilation.

16. The Invention of The Sagar Veena

The Sagar Veena was invented by Raza Kazim at the Sanjannagar Institute in Lahore. It is a string instrument designed for classical music over a period of forty years.

17. The Discovery of the Human Development Index

The Pakistani Economist, Mahbub-ul-Haq discovered the Human Development Index, which is a pre-eminent part of the sphere of Economics today. This Index ranks countries in terms of four specific tiers of human development.

18. The Invention of SMB Probe in the Arena of Nuclear Power

Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood invented a SMB probe that identifies great water leaks in nuclear power plants. And thus, it is one of the detectors that are indispensible to the insurance of safety of the power plant.

19. The Invention of Flashpack

Flashpack is a power bank which enables 100% charging in just 14 minutes was invented by Abdullah Somroo.

20. The Invention of the World’s First Computer Virus

Amjad and Basit Farooq Alvi, two Pakistani brothers and passionate computer engineers, were the master m inds behind the world’s first computer virus in 1986. The Alvi brothers who worked in their technology start-up, Brain and Telecom invented the first ever computer virus for MS-DOS operating systems. The virus infected the storage media’s boot sector which was formatted by the DOS File Allocation Table file system. The virus was also used to keep track of and prevent any illegal copying of their disk.

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