1. You can’t control what people say or how they act.

You have absolutely zero control over any other person. So its better to just BREATHE! Don’t let them ruin your peace of mind.

2. Make someone happy it will make YOU happy!

Yeah. It helps. It could be your own personal halal stash for getting a high.

3. Rejection is a part of your life.

Learn from it but don’t take it to your heart.

4. If you’re sad. Talk it out!

With your BFF? With your Bae? Family? Therapist? Hell even random strangers at times (I am proud to say I
blabbered to guy on the train till I felt better who I think didn’t even
understand my language. BUT it was therapeutic)

5. Always dress nicely

Dress nicely but never and I repeat NEVER judge a person on their clothes!

6. Be kind!

We need to pass on the kindness to the World. Lets get the ball rolling guys.

7. Be good to your parents.

They did everything for you! No one comes close and I mean no one! Come on. Be the kid you’d want, not the one that you wish you would never want.

8. Make new friends. But don’t forget your old ones.

Make an effort to keep them around. Chances are they have seen you at your worse and yet decided to stick around.

9. When someone talks to you, keep your cellphone/PS4/laptop away.

Look at them. Smile. Nod! Give them the attention they deserve. It won’t kill you.

10. A lesson of humility will go with you for a long time.

Accept it with a big heart.

11. Pick a sport team! Support them!

Cheer them on when they win! Get your heart broken when they lose. But pick a sport. Pick a team. Live those last
nail-biting moments with your team. Experience the adrenaline with them. Feel that.

12. Travel. With friends? Yes, why not!

It’s the time of our lives. But travel on a budget and alone as well. Now that is something else. It’s an accomplishment and a lesson rolled up in one, and no one can take it from you.

13. When someone close to you accomplishes something, make a big deal about it

Make a big deal even if to you its not that big of a deal. Celebrate with them. Throw a party for them. Hell ask for a treat if you have to. At times in life we need someone else to point out that we’re doing good, be that
someone for your people.

14. Don’t skip out on breakfast.

Take that bread piece in hand if you have to. Eat that fruit while walking if you have to. BUT EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!

15. If you see someone who cuts the queue.

Don’t make faces at them, you sighing loudly or throwing them dirty looks is not going to work. Be mature. Life is short either make the best of this situation by asking them if they need help and get cookie points with karma or talk to the person, patiently, and tell them they’ve got to wait in a line.

16. Remember when we were kids

Our moms used to take care of us when we got sick? Yeah, there’s going to be a time in your twenties when you
won’t be living at home, mom wont be around to coddle you. If you’re sick, man-up or woman-up for that matter! Take control. Go to a Doctor! Get an appointment! You need soup? Don’t have the energy to make it?
Order it! You need medicine but don’t like it? Don’t give crap excuses about forgetting them. Just take it.

17. First dates or first time meeting Rishta prospects

They are going to ask you about hobbies, favorite food, favorites music, favorite book, favorite season/movie etc. Just pick one if its not a favorite say it comes close to a top pick, rather than saying, “oh there are SO many, cant have a favorite”. To be honest, I believe its okay to not have a favorite but can you imagine having the same answer to all the first date/rishta questions *Shudders*

18. You should’ve picked up a restaurant with a decent ambience and good
menu by now.

If the question where to eat pops and no one knows where to go (like they usually don’t, cue every friend hangout ever), you take them there. Cookie points to you, if you have a good repute with the
restaurant staff!

19. Get a power bank

Get a power bank already. No one likes the excuse of an out of charge dead cellphone.

20. Start saving buddy.

If you want to make that World tour/ Apartment happen you have got to know how to budget yourself.

21. You have got to evolve with your age.

I am all for looking at life through the eye of a child, to keep that innocence and enjoy that naivety but
remember it might be annoying to hear this but is pretty true that you’re not a child anymore

22. Keep some money hidden in your wallets side pocket.

That should beyour emergency cash stash

23. Stay connected with your teachers

All teachers have a part in raising you show them they did well! Show them, their efforts did not go in vain!
Show them you are someone they can be proud of.

24. Always remember no one likes a person who ONLY talks about their own self

Their problems, their life, and their accomplishments! Remember every relationship is a two way street! You talk but then you listen as well. That’s how it goes!

25. Invest in a good blazer.

Get it stitched. It makes a difference in presentations. And Girls, wear it over a Shalwar-Kameez if you want to
but wear it! No excuses.

26. Pay your bills on time.

Put a reminder if you have to. Your credit card/electricity/Cell phone/café bill is not going to pay for itself. Its better to pay before they cancel your credit card/electricity/Cell phone/café tab

27. Be thankful!

Be thankful for your parents, your siblings, your friends, your job, your bike, your car, and your life. Be thankful. Because there are people out there who would happily swap with yours.