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Pakistan is known for killing its talent, but this time “Ignorance” is its weapon of choice.

Ahmed Mujtaba


Shaigan Rana
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Pakistan’s top Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, Ahmed ‘Wolverine’ Mujtaba Won the ONE Fighting Championship, in Singapore. This fight is number One in Asia and number two in the world.

The young fighter fought Singapore’s Benedict Ang in his debut of ONE Championship. Bendict Ang was the local favorite who had defeated Pakistani Wakar Umar last year. This was Wolverine’s avenging win for Pakistan on Asia’s bigest MMA platform. It was also the first defeat for Ang after three consecutive wins.

In the competition Ahmed Mujtaba was victorious thorough and through in his eight fights straight.

Sadly, the glorious win has gone unnoticed and unappreciated by the government and the mainstream media.

In an earlier interview with the Express tribune Mujtaba Said:

If my performance does not earn me the appreciation I deserve this time around, I will have to do something drastic.

I’ve said this before, I am a hot commodity internationally and I have offers from other countries to move there and fight for them.

Sadly, even after this interview the mainstream media has just ignored the victories, and it has come to this point where his coach Ehtisham Karim had to come forward himself and ask the people for recognition and support.

In a video on his facebook Ehtisham Karim urges the masses to spread the word:

In an interview with Enlighten Ahmed Mujtaba’s frustration was evident as he said:

If your Government and media is not respecting you and you are not having any recognition on National Tv then why should we even represent Pakistan.

Eight times in a row and still no response from a country, where a chai wala with blue eyes goes viral.

He further adds that he loves the people who have given him all the support and respect he wished for, but the government and media have been ignorant and unappreciative.

Talking about the support from the people he told Enlighten that a guy from his gym offered him money from his pocket money. He further said that this kind of support from the people really means a lot.

This is the kind of extreme neglect that our country offers to a person who worked really hard, raised the name of his country and brought it the winning medal from Asia’s largest platform.

In his final remarks Pakistan’s Wolverine said:

If media and government takes no notice for us then we are done, its going to be some other flag in our hand as we are professionals. We are doing a job, we need to survive and getting this kind of response will ruin our future life.

To our utter delight and for the love of a sport that is as ferocious as our country.

Here is the video of the final fight.

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