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Ms. Marvel sheds light on the dark moments of India-Pakistan partition

Ms. Marvel India-Pakistan Partition


Shaigan Rana
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Ms. Marvel is one name no child or adult is unaware of. The history and the future have been depicted by the wonderfully laid down stories of Marvel Comics. Ms. Marvel has represented societies, cultures, and many future based sci-fi comics. The latest upturn by the famous identity is the delineation of the famous split of Subcontinent (the great drum beat sounds for extra effects).

The story line revolves around many aspects that caused the division of sub-continent as well as the troubles faced by the people as a consequence of division. The latest issue is a retrospect of 1947.The Great Britain’s parting gift to the two nations namely India & Pakistan was the ultimate loath for each other. The fight and hatred between the two countries kept high for a good number of decades. The fellow casualties suffered both physical and emotional loss. The love or freedom to practice their religion and live a full filled life many had to leave behind the only thing they loved the most-their homes, families and land.

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The division created a sense of rightful home among the communities. The journey to their rightful homes was blood colored and painful. Religions are the ruling guidance for its followers. Somehow the greatest migration part from a flock of birds on change of season was only outlined in human blood. Ms. Marvel in the latest issue of creative cartooning and content production has composed the full emotional as well as tactful considerations of events that took place in 1947.

Did you know Ms. Marvel made its first public appearance in January 1977. Moreover, Kamala Khan is the fourth character that has been re-orchestrated as for Ms. Marvel. In simple words its the fourth character that defines Ms. Marvel in a different ethnicity. Kamala Khan is also the very first Muslim character to bear the title under Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan is a dignified 16-year-old character that is based in America, and the story focuses on her flashbacks that date back to her forefather’s 1947 experiences.

Kamala is the granddaughter of Aisha and Kareem. At the time of partition the Ms. Marvel story is a flashback sequence to Kamala’s grandparents time of migration in 1947. Kareem’s wife Aisha is pregnant at that time and repeatedly does not want to migrate to Karachi. The comic utilizes the most sensitive feelings of people from all ages. The atrocity of abandoning the home at night and no longer having any legal rights over the piece of land that was called home only a signature past from yesterday.

A very tearful conversation between Kareem and his father takes place in Ms. Marvel’s comic when Kareem is convincing his father that they have to leave India because it is not safe anymore for Muslims. The father remarks “But we are Indians” and Kareem’s words raise chills among our hearts “Not anymore.” The sheer idea of calling your home out as a foreign land makes all the readers rethink over war and why it is still an option in this world.

Ms Marvel India - Pakistan
Ms Marvel India - Pakistan
Ms Marvel India - Pakistan
Ms Marvel India - Pakistan

One of the boldest steps taken by Ms. Marvel is to define the time that was unendurable. The terrors are not only marked by the number of lives that were sacrificed. The sacrifice of the people of Pakistan and India was much more than the heart beats. It cannot be remembered as simple as the word ‘Migration’; neither can the people be only referred to as ‘Immigrants.’ The events of 1947 were heartbreaking for both the nations. The land was divided, but families were killed. The countries claimed names and people lost their demands.

It is not only unfair to people, it is unfair to humanity. The concept of war was never appreciated but why is it still an option? There is no genetic difference between Pakistani’s or Indians or anyone else as a matter of fact. The only difference is of choice, and that choice should never bear high weights on war. War ends lives, cultures, and dreams. Collaborations and peace find the right path. Ms. Marvel took a brave step of recognizing the efforts, suffering and pain of people who had to change homes on one night or another. The storytelling and illustration are commendable. It is food for thought for those who want to understand the past so they can change the future.

I would end on a personal note as your food for thought today; beginnings are good, and endings are sad is a common concept that needs to be revised as our syllabus is revised every year. A good ending might not have had a great start, but we can surely end the story gracefully. Pakistan and India might not have had a good start, but the ending could be an example to the world that only acceptance can vanish differences!

‘Home is where your heart is, boundaries are map linings they should be used for navigation and Visa purposes. The maps should never define who we are and who we should be. The maps did not make us; we made the maps. It’s about time we took control of it.’

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