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20+ Pakistanis who made Pakistan proud globally in June 2016

Talented Pakistanis


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Pakistan is a home to talented people who are excelling in every field of life. Unfortunately, our media outlets are busy in showing only the negative aspects of the country. There are two faces of every coin likewise Pakistan has many positive aspects too which are ignored by our mainstream media under the news of violence and terrorism. These Pakistanis are not very famous, but they have succeeded in their respective fields. Their achievements are a great source of motivation and inspiration for the fellow Pakistanis.

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Pakistanis who made it big in 2016

Here is a list of talented Pakistanis who swam against the tides and made us proud of their accomplishments.

1. Shaiza Rizavi

Shaiza Rizavi, a Pakistani-American along with 41 others were given the “Great Immigrants: The Pride of America” prominent award. It was given to honor their inspirational professional services. Shaiza is working as a partner with Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co. LLC. It is a brokerage services firm.

Shaiza Rizavi

2. Jawad Saleem

Another unsung hero who has made Pakistanis proud is Jawad Saleem. The extraordinaire graphic designer Jawad Saleem won the Cannes Lions Award. He won this award for an Amnesty International campaign under Ogilvy Germany banner. The campaign titled ‘Humiliation’ showed the harsh realities of refugees living in Europe and the west.

Jawad Saleem

3. Syeda Amara

Pakistani designer Amara got the “Talented Young International Designer” Award. The award was given by Jessica Minh Anh in Paris. Syeda Amara represented South Asia in the J Summer Fashion Show 2016. The Fashion Show also displayed innovative designs by Teres Rosati, a polish designer, Lebanese haute couturier Antoine Kareh, Icelandic jewelry brand NOX, Ukrainian brand LaFress, Saudi Arabian designer Ot Kutyr Turk Jadallah and Philippine brand Miranda Konstantinidou.

Syeda Amera

4. Wonder Tree

A Pakistani startup WonderTree bagged third prize at a startup competition in the US. The (Global Innovation through Science and Technology initiative) GIST TECH-I startup competition was held at Stanford University, California. WonderTree startup aim is to develop interactive, reality-based games for special children.


5. Muhammad Shahzad

A 14-year-old Pakistani boy got his name enlisted in the Google Hall of Fame. It is indeed a proud moment for all the Pakistanis. Muhammad Shahzad lives in Lahore, Pakistan. He is an security researcher and an ethical hacker. At such tender age, he highlighted the security flaws in Google web applications. Google is currently working on fixing the vulnerabilities with his help.

Muhammad Shahzad

6. Sharif Awan

Sharif Awan is a music producer from Pakistan. He was given a gold medal for his album Raag: Music Beyond Borders at the Global Music Award. The award show was held on 16th June in California. Sharif Awan was the only Pakistani among the nine gold medalists.

Sharif Awan

7. Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Hadiqa Kiani, Farhan Saeed, and Amanat Ali

Big names from Pakistani Industry Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Hadiqa Kiani, Farhan Saeed, and Amanat Ali have been nominated in the Big Apple Music Awards (BAMA). Farhan Saeed got nominated for best male artist category for his song “Koi rokay Na Mujhay”.

Pakistani Singers

8. Muhammad Usman Khan and Zainab Bibi

Making us proud to be a Pakistani, two exceptional youngsters Muhammad Usman Khan and Zainab Bibi received the award from Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. They were honored with Queen’s Young Leaders Award 2016 at the Buckingham Palace for their excellent services.

Muhammad Usman Khan and Zainab Bibi

9. Adil Ray

A 42-year-old British-Pakistani artist Adil Ray was awarded OBE at Queen’s Birthday in U.K. “Officer of the Most Excellent Order in British Empire” is abbreviated as OBE. Adil is the creator of the famous family based sitcom “Citizen Khan” produced by BBC. Adil is well known for his creative writing skills and his work in television programs.

Adil Ray

10. Talha Ahmed

A Sharjah-based Pakistani student won the first prize in Think Science competition. He got the prize for his Micro Wind Turbine project in the Energy and Environmental Science category. The Emirates Foundation organized the Science competition in UAE. The project was presented by Talha, Muhammad Arif, and Kamel Ali at the University of Sharjah.


11. Ghulam Mohammad

Pakistani artist Ghulam Mohammad made Pakistan proud by winning Jameel Art Prize in the UK. The Jameel Art Prize is an international award for modern art and design inspired by the Islamic traditions. The Jameel Prize is organized by Art Jameel and The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A). Their aim is to develop and promote cultural links and understanding.

Ghulam Mohammad

12. Global Good Governance (3G) Awards

Taleem Foundation, Shahid Afridi Foundation, and Higher Education Commission won the Global Good Governance (3G) Awards in Istanbul, for their exemplary work. The awards were conducted to highlight the best practices of good governance in the social sector, corporate world, politics, and philanthropy.

Pakistani Organizations

13. Imran Qureshi

An award-winning Pakistani artist, Imran Qureshi will renovate Bradford’s Lister Park and City Park in the U.K. He is working determinedly on six major art projects across the UK. It is a part of 14-18 NOW, UK’s art program for the World War I anniversary.

Imran Qureshi

14. Nighat Dad

Nighat is a Pakistani digital rights activist. She received the prestigious Atlantic Council Digital Freedom Award in June 2016. The awards were held in Poland. The award honors the services of those individuals and organizations that advance and defend the cause of freedom.

Nighat Dad

15. Pakistani Students in Germany

Pakistanis outshined others, winning the best International Booth Award for Pakistan. They won the award on International Day at Technical University Munich, Germany. Students from about 30 countries participated in the event. Pakistani booth had delicious Pakistani dishes, drinks, truck art, culture and beautiful dresses from Pakistan. They also showed Pakistani dance and sung famous Pakistani songs live. Mohammad Hamza was the organizer. Faisal Kalim prepared the food. Dance performances were done by Anis Ul Hassan, Saboor Imran, Furqan Shakoor, Junaid Khan, Hamza Tahir and Faisal Kalim. Anis ul Hassan sang various Pakistani songs. The beautiful truck art was done by Hania Syed. The team also included Zain Ul Abideen, Sherjeel Sikander, Taimoor Alam, Faiz Haider Khan, Rao Shaheryar Khan, Zeeshan, and Hamda. Thank you for showing Pakistan rich culture at international level.

Pakistani Students in Germany

16. Telenor Youth Forum Asia

Telenor Company recently organized Telenor Youth Forum Asia in Bangkok, Thailand. The two-day forum discussed the problems faced by Asians. Leaders from various Asian countries were invited. The teams presented various solutions for the challenges discussed. Six Pakistanis, Fatima Rizwan, Saad Hamid, Sadaf Amin, Awais Imran, Maaz Imran and Haroon Yasin represented the team Pakistan. Their solution for tackling youth unemployment was chosen as the top presentation.

Telenor Youth Forum Asia

17. Usman Haider

A Pakistani Ph.D. scholar, Usman Haider, has been recognized for making a device named PhaseX Hip exoskeleton. The device aims to help the elderly people in staying active and independent of others help. He was given the invention and innovation award in SKAPA Development Prize 2016, Sweden.

Usman Haider

18. Dr. Muhammad Ismail

Dr. Muhammad Ismail is the first candidate from developing countries to be selected for UNESCO Green Chemistry of Life grant. The 32-year-old resident of Gilgit-Baltistan proposed natural methods as a substitute to pesticides. Pesticides are very dangerous for human health.

Dr. Muhammad Ismail

19. Sarah Ahmad

Sarah Ahmad, a student from UET, Lahore got the Hero Microsoft Student Partner Award. She has conducted many technical training sessions. She has also been a part of Microsoft women empowerment initiative. The Hero Microsoft Student Partner Award was given to Sarah in recognition of her efforts in the field of IT (Information Technology).

Sarah Ahmed

Indeed these successful individuals have given all Pakistanis a reason to be proud of being a Pakistani.

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