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German Court ruled in favor of a Pakistani student and smashed headscarf ban

Headscarf Ban


Sarmad Ali
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It’s a birthright of every human being to enjoy freedom in all aspects of life. There are hundreds of organizations, spread worldwide, to protect the basic human rights. These organizations support all types of views and immunities. That’s a very good stance and must be appreciated. But the sad part is the partisanship of these organizations. Their partiality towards a specific group of people turns this good cause into deficient and shoddy. They have formed separate rules for different classes of the world. The irony is you’re allowed to roam around naked and enjoy your freedom but you’re not allowed to cover your head and face.

Most of the European countries have banned the use of headscarf for Muslim women at public places. It’s illegal to cover your head and if you do so you’ll have to face a heavy fine. Now, where are the organizations who carry a high flag of liberation and emancipation? Is wearing a headscarf a religious discrimination of banning it is? But finally, Germany is breaking the stereotypes as German Court ruled in favor of a Pakistani student and smashed headscarf ban.

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On Thursday, the district court of Augsburg, Germany, ruled in favor of a legal trainee. The Pakistani student filed the complaint against the state for interdicting on wearing the headscarf in public appearances in the court during training. The judge who was ruling the case concluded, “No formal law that obliges legal interns to a neutral worldview or a religious neutrality”. The ruling paved the way for the first female trainee to wear a head scarf in the state of Bavaria. Previously, under the Roman-Catholic regulation, Muslim Judicial trainee was prohibited from wearing the headscarf in courtrooms and during the hearing of witnesses.

Winfried Bausback, State justice minister of Bavaria, passed the remarks on the case as,

Every party, every defendant and every other person involved in the legal process, anyone that comes in contact with the judiciary, needs to be able to trust in the independence, the neutrality and the clear objectivity of judges and prosecutors.

During her training period, she was not allowed to sit on the bench of judges rather she was forced to sit in the court as a spectator due to the discrimination she sued later. But now she doesn’t have to face any discrimination on the religious basis. But this case was not just limited to her. Now a number of Muslim students in judicial schools in Germany can wear headscarves and practice law with zeal.

Previously, in May 2015, the highest court of Germany struck down the ban on headscarves for the Muslim teachers across the Germany. The ban on the headscarf in Germany was imposed in 2004. And now another milestone has achieved in eliminating the bigotry on religious basis and appearance. Other countries that believe that headscarf could be a threat to their religious sanity and symbol of oppression of women should learn from Germany. They should realize that wearing the headscarf is not a threat to humanity but banning the headscarves is!

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