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First speech of the Chief Justice Lahore High Court has gone viral

Lahore High Court


Sarmad Ali
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Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah took the oath as a Chief Justice of Lahore High Court on June 28, 2016. A simple but noble oath-taking ceremony was held at Governor House, Lahore. The oath was administered by the Governor of Punjab, Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana. The grandeur ceremony was attended by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Law Minister of Punjab, Rana Sanaullah, Speaker Punjab Assembly, Rana Muhammad Iqbal, all the judges of LHC (Lahore High Court), Advocate General Punjab, lawyers and law officers of Punjab Bar. After the oath taking ceremony, the newly appointed Chief Justice of LHC (Lahore High Court) addressed bystanders at Justice Academy in Lahore. All the spectators appreciated the impassionate and raging speech. So, it is believed that the New Chief Justice of Lahore High Court is the Superman of Punjab. Why so? Let’s have a review of the blazing and tempestuous speech.

1. Praising the Lawyers

Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Syed Mansoor Ali Shah, started his speech by eulogizing and applauding the lawyers and law workers at Lahore Judicial Academy. He said they’re the real heroes that work hard round the clock in bringing justice to the society. He further added that he is aware of all the problems faced by the lawyers and law workers. And he has started to solve them. He talked about the issues regarding judicial allowances, budget, building, etc. with the Chief Minister of Punjab which he is trying to solve. This news was followed by the hall full of claps.

2. Improving the Judicial System of Punjab

The enthusiasm and dedication could clearly be felt by listening to the words uttered by Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Syed Mansoor Ali Shah. He was quite motivated to improve the judicial system and working environment between local bodies and the institution. He was motivated enough to create the best justice system in Punjab than rest of the Pakistan. He requested the Chief Minister of Punjab, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, to honor the decision made by LHC (Lahore High Court). Furthermore, Mr. Syed Mansoor Ali Shah requested a high-powered working committee should be formed to ensure smoothly and timely communication between government and Lahore High Court. He further added that no member of district judiciary will be present in LHC (Lahore High Court) except for the registrar so as to ensure transparency.

3. Motivation for the young Judges

He motivated the young judges through his speech stating that they are the true descendants of Lahore High Court. Thus, a great responsibility lies on their shoulder. The future of Lahore High Court depends on the progress of young judges and law workers. He further announced that 400 new members will be recruited this year to overcome the shortcomings. “The recruitment will be based truly on merit, merit and merit”, stated by the newly appointed Chief Justice of LHC, Syed Mansoor Ali Shah.

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4. Accountability and incentives

Syed Mansoor Ali Shah warned the members of Lahore Justice School on skulduggery and chicanery in all means. He defined the rules fair and square. He forbids them to practice any subterfuge and legerdemain in any activity. And whosoever found involved in any malpractices; he’ll face the consequences. But at the same time, if someone shows dedication and hard work, regardless of age or experience, he’ll be promoted to high ranks.

He also decided to reserve one hour for lunch and prayer break in Lahore Justice School. Syed Mansoor Ali Shah further announced the inauguration of a common cafeteria for all the members after Ramadan. The cafeteria will contain 100% hygienic food so no one would but eat the filthy food from outside. He said that We all will sit together on the same tables regardless of the ranks.

5. Performance evaluation

Mansoor Ali Shah further notified the audiences that there is no such performance evaluation system in the Justice Department. From now onwards, a predefined performance evaluation system will be installed for all the individuals. The job description will be defined for all the posts. Performance is the foremost requirement this institution needs. You should keep your personal interests aside and only focus on the prosperity of the institution from the minute you step inside the institution.

6. Working Environment

The Chief Justice also threw light upon the working environment of the institution. He requested everyone to think only for the betterment of the organization. He compared the institution with the mother. He elaborated that the organization equals the rank of a mother. It requires dignity and respect. No conspiracies and leg pulling will be entertained within the boundaries of the system. If you act upon my advice, for sure, this High Court will be the role model for the rest of High Courts in Pakistan, and I promise you that. But it requires honesty of each and every individual. Mr. Mansoor Ali Shah announced that his gates will remain open on every Saturday for all the ranks of the system.

7. Gender Equality

Throwing light upon the gender equality, he pointed out there are only a few female members in the Justice School. We should create gender opportunities and should initiate the programs that provoke the women to step forward and work for the betterment of the society. He announced that there will be reserved seats and a predefined quota for the disables. We’ll set an example for the rest. And it’s my dream and by combined efforts, we all will fulfill it.

8. Creating Opportunities

The Chief Justice, Mansoor Ali shah, told the audience that adequate candidates will be sent abroad for expert training. We are working on that program. Every month each officer will be sent overseas to learn new experiences from the best courts of the world. He believed that the world runs on ideas, changes and innovations. He instructed everyone to take part in healthy activities rather than just sitting in the offices with idle minds.

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9. Drawbacks of the Judicial system

Defining the shortcomings of the system, He said that major drawback we are facing is the absence of an audit. No institution can run without any internal audit. Mr. Mansoor Ali Shah has contacted the top chartered accountant agency of Pakistan to conduct an audit Lahore High Court. In the current situation, the institute doesn’t possess enough resources to pay for the audit. So Mr. Mansoor Ali Shah requested the agency to make the audit for the prosperity of the country and province. For which they agreed to work in creating the audit free of cost for a year.

10. Introduction of Technology

Regarding near future, the Chief Justice told the audience about the importance of technology. He advised them to stop using registers and ledgers for the data record. The system should be digitalized. Everyone should learn to use a computer and have basic knowledge about technology. All the data should be brought online. Cameras will be installed in each room to inspect the working of individuals.

Here is the full speech of Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah

If all the above-mentioned institutional reforms are done with full zeal and spirit by the newly appointed Chief Justice of Lahore than there is no doubt in saying that Punjab will emerge to be an exemplary province in Pakistan.

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