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Delicious food in Lahore


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Karachites have a never ending sea, Isloos have their beautiful weather but what are Lahoris famous for? What a foolish question it is, obviously it’s Lahori cuisine. Lahore is an all-in-one place for food lovers due to the variety of food, from Desi to fast-food and Italian to Mexican. Everybody knows about the mainstream food chains like Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC, etc. But today, we’ll let you know what is the actual taste of food that lies in Lahore. So, It’s a list for you to know Where to Eat and Drink in Lahore Right Now.

1. Mexitaco – Eat Your Heart Out

Fond of delectable Tacos but don’t know where to find them in Lahore? But now you know. Mexitaco is the perfect place to fill your tummies with the divine taste of Mexican Tacos. It’s the only place in Lahore where you can get the yummiest and juiciest tacos while living in Lahore. Moreover, funky décor is there to make your food even special with the amazing surrounding. It’s a must visit place for tacos lover and even if you’re not, you’ll be after visiting Mexitaco. One of the captivating of Lahori food place, in DHA phase 2, waiting to welcome you wholeheartedly.

Address: T-73, Lalik Chowk, DHA Phase 2, Lahore. Contact No. +924235707518

2. Sweet Affairs

Pizza is one of the most palatable food items for a foodie. There are hundreds of Pizza food chains offering you the same pizza and taste under different banners. But Sweet Affairs has invented something unique and classy to make your Pizza a little special. The pizzas are baked in real brick ovens, unlike the electric ovens. If you’re a pizza lover, then how could you possibly miss this spot? The Ultimeat Brick Oven Pizza at Sweet Affairs is waiting for you.

Address: 2-A/P, Gulberg II, Lahore. Contact No. +924236162446

3. Citrus

So Lahoris, have you ever heard of Khaousays? Well, its Khaousay not Khussay – the footwear. So, no need to confuse yourself. A famous Karachites dish from the Memon family, the only thing they’re good at, is Khaousays. Yes, and they have finally landed in Citrus, Lahore, straight from Karachi. The dish is a mixture of noodles, mouthful spices, coconut curry and chicken curry along with the white sauce. It’s the only place in Lahore that offers you Khaousay – the toothsome dish of Karachites.

Address: First Floor, Gulberg Galleria, Lahore. Contact No. +924235776894

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4. Mouthful

You have probably heard the American and the English are quite fond of cooking their meal in Alcohol. It gives the food a unique taste, I guess, but what about the Beer Can Chicken, Mouthful is offering to the Lahoris? What? Are you mad? How can we eat the food that includes Haram ingredient in it? Well, there’s no need to worry about all of it. It’s just the title given to the dish and nothing else. The beer can chicken is something uniquely divine Mouthful is offering to Lahoris. But you have to wait a little longer for the Beer Can Chicken as it takes more than an hour to cook it. But it’s probably worth waiting.

Address: 32 DD, Phase 4 DHA, Lahore. Contact No. +924237185851

5. Frusta Delights

Living in Lahore and not fond of desserts and sweets? Then probably you are not a true Lahori. Frusta Delights is offering its luscious Brownie, Walnut Fudge Brownies along with a large variety of Halwas, salads and Tiramisu. After a great appetizing meal, you should probably grab one of their alluring piece of desert to enjoy the best of Lahori food.

Address: DHA, Lahore. Contact No. +923235393889

6. Lahorelicious

Tired of eating the same monotonous ice-cream flavors for ages? Then Lahorelicious is there to make your love for ice creams more enchanting. Yes, they have their unique Ice cream flavors found nowhere else in Lahore. If you’re an ice cream over and haven’t been here, then it’s probably your next stop.

Address: 27 Upper Mall, Upper Mall Scheme, Lahore. Contact No. +923458437333

7. Sarak Pe Karrak

The trend of Dhabbas is quite common in Pakistan and especially in Lahore. Some of them have become quite famous and are overtaking the famous fast food joints. The students of LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) have renovated the idea of Dhaba with Sarak Pe Karrak. It offers you various flavors of tea in the open air to make your evening more special with your loved ones.

Address: 2 K Commercial Area, Model Town, Lahore. Contact No. +924235916711

8. Maro Tandoors

Heard of chicken paratha, cheeses Naan or beef naan, but have you ever wonder a mouthful of Nutella in your Naan? If not, then Maro Tandoor is making it happen in Lahore. This is not the end; they have invented Nutella lassi for the desi Lahoris to feast them. It’s just a startup business yet they became quite famous throughout Lahore and the adjoining areas.

Address: Lalik Chowk, DHA & 82 M Block, Model Town Extension, Lahore. Contact No. +923211482222

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9. Fujiyama

Dreaming of a perfect Sushi while sitting in Lahore? Are you mad? If you think so, you’re not. Fujiyama is here to fulfill your dream and turning it into reality. The true Japanese taste you can have in your Shushi offered by Fujiyama. It’s a must try spot for the Sushi lovers, not just for the Lahoris but rest of the Pakistanis as well.

Address: 87, Ferozepur Road, Lahore. Contact No. +924236033596

10. Fiqay Ki Lassi

To kill the current heatwave in Lahore, the most famous, Fiqay Ki Lassi is always there to welcome you. The never ending waiting lines are enough to prove the taste of this divine Lassi. The classic Peray wali Lassi is unmatchable. You can’t be a true Lahori until and unless you have served your taste buds with the exquisite Fiqay Ki Lassi.

Address: Gawalmandi, Lahore.

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