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HBO’s new miniseries “The Night Of” portrays the struggle of a Pakistani Killer

The Night Of


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HBO’s new miniseries ‘The Night Of’ is set to make its Television debut on 10th July 2016. The series is made in Manhattan, New York. It is an eight-part short series based on ‘Criminal Justice’. HBO Go and HBO On Demand released the first episode of ‘The Night Of’ and TV lovers are going crazy about it. The story is about an accused murderer arrest, his imprisonment, and trail. ‘The Night Of’ shows a Pakistani-American boy’s struggle against the justice system.

Riz Ahmad is playing the role of a Pakistani-American college boy ‘Naz’, Nasir Khan from Queens. He is a son of a cab driver and borrows the cab to attend a party in Manhattan. A pretty, young woman named Andrea played by Sofia Black-De’Elia sits in the cab in the middle of the night. They drive up to her Upper Westside apartment to spend a night together. Nasir Khan’s night turned into a worst nightmare when he wakes up next morning and finds her drenched in blood beside him. The story revolves around a mysterious question i.e who killed Andrea? Accordingly, Nasir Khan goes to jail and asks for a lawyer. Here enters Jack Stone, a quick-witted sympathetic attorney played by John Turturro, who takes Naz case.

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The Night Of miniseries is directed by Steven Zaillian and James Marsh. The executive producers are Richard Price, Peter Mofat, Steven Zaillian, Jane Tranter, James Gandolfini, and Garrett Basch. The cast of the miniseries also includes Michael Kenneth Williams as Freddy, Jeff Wincott as Detective Lucas, Poorna Jagannathan as Safar Khan, Jeannie Berlin as Helen, Peyman Moaadi as Salim Khan, Amara Karan as Chandra, Max Casella as Edgar, Syam Lafi as Hasan Khan and David Chen as Inmate.

The Night Of is an eight episodes miniseries on the following titles.

  1. The Beach
  2. Subtle Beast
  3. A Dark Crate
  4. The Art of War
  5. The Season of the Witch
  6. Samson and Delilah
  7. Ordinary Death
  8. The Call of the Wild

One might wonder about the increased interest of American television in showing Muslims and South Asians as criminals. ‘The Night Of’ also shows an innocent Muslim Pakistani to be accused of murder, feeding the stereotypical mindsets. Hollywood was already showing its discrimination towards minorities by choosing white actors for regional characters. #RumiWasntWhite was trending on Twitter after the producer Stephen Joel Brown expressed his choice of having Leonardo Di Caprio for the role of Jalaluddin Rumi. In an interview to In-Depth, Middle East actors Sayed Badreya, Ahmed Ahmed also complained that they are offered the roles of terrorists only.

Vulture describes ‘The Night Of’ series as a tragedy of the society, which penalize itself by bowing down to a staggered system of punishment that results in more sadness and frustration than justice.

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