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US government to spend $1.25 million on superhero cartoon in Pakistan

Superhero Pakistan


Sadaf Sher
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Simply put, Pakistan is going through a lot. Not denying the fact that Army and government are doing the best in their power to curb out ill-practices being carried out, for which Zarb-e-azb is one such great instance. Still, we are under the spell of some unfortunate happenings around us. In the course of such activities, State Department of United States government have announced to be spending a good sum of $1.25 million to create an animated superhero cartoon. This will be subjected to teaching the masses about the importance of certain aspects of life including gender equality, the role of police in society, anti-corruption, religious tolerance and a healthy drug-free lifestyle among many others.

The grants are being issued by International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) for two seasons of this superhero cartoon series so as to promote stability and security in Pakistan. The INL grant, however, targets audience aged 14-25, the Youth. According to INL, youth needs to be guided and informed in order to ensure a better and promising future. The agency said:

If youth is exposed to a character that models socially positive behaviors and values, then they are more likely to adopt those values and practices, making it less likely that they accept or promote extreme ideological views. Therefore, particular emphasis needs to be placed on informing, educating, and positively influencing Pakistani youth, as they will shape the future of the country.

Two seasons of 13 episodes each will be produced, while the duration per episode will be 11 minutes long. It will not only air on public television in Pakistan but will also be broadcasted on social media, owing to its ever increasing popularity among masses.

Due to the inflamed terrorist activities worldwide, educating young lot is need of the hour. Young minds, being immature can easily be played around with. Taking thus advantage, terrorists shape young minds wrongfully. In the recent past, most terrorist attacks were reported to be carried out by young boys. Why? The agency anticipates that the superhero themed cartoon will searve as a guide for the youth of Pakistan.

The US State Department said:

The lack of access to education and low literacy rates coupled with extremist elements and violence, make youth susceptible to negative influences such as drug use, falling prey to extremist groups, crime, gender-based violence, and corruption. Adding further it said, The majority of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 25 years (currently estimated to be over 100 million people) and is especially vulnerable to negative influences.

Encapsulating the vast array of themes in one cartoon series seems a ray of hope is lying ahead at the end of the long tunnel. It is through these small steps that a society is shaped and outlined for better. Electronic media coupled now with digital media are powerful mediums that have a dominant element of influencing minds, which if used correctly can lead to wonders.

It is not yet decided if the superhero will be a boy or a girl but the most interesting thing about the character is that it will possess local aura to which people of Pakistan could quite relate to.

Do you know: Burqa avengers, is a multi-award winning animated Pakistani cartoon series, featuring burqa-clad girl as a superhero. Till date, four seasons have been released in Pakistan alongside neighboring countries India and Afghanistan and have been a hit so far. (Source: Wikipedia)

What are your views about this life-changing-to-be step? Let us know down below in the comments section.

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