Twitter users are resurrecting a deceased Prime Minister of Pakistan

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Since 27th December 2007, the most common political sentence we have heard is, ‘Zinda Hai Bibi Zinda Hai’ and this belief is one of the major reasons behind the worrisome condition of Karachi as well as overall Sindh. One one hand, people of Sindh are dying from the starvation and target killing is becoming more and more common while there is hardly a Sindhi whose mobile has never been snatched. On the other hand, no leader is willing to come forward to improve the condition of Sindh because apparently Bibi is alive and only she has the responsibility of Sindh.

We should not worry about all these terror and threats going on in Sindh because our leaders have all of this under control. How? Simply, by keeping Bibi alive. So don’t worry guys, we are not alone here. Bibi is suffering all of this with us because ‘Zinda hai Bibi Zinda hai’ and she will take care of all of it.

Here are some of the most hilarious tweets that have been posted on Twitter with the hashtag #ZindaHaBibiZindaHa

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