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Social Media mourns the tragic death of Amjad Sabri

Amjad Sabri
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Yesterday, we came across the tragic news of Amjad Sabri’s death. He was one of the best Sufi singers of Pakistan and was a very lovable person. Everyone who heard about his death could not hold back his tears.

Amjad Sabri was a Pakistani singer whose Qawwalis are loved by everyone in Pakistan. He was equally famous in the Pakistan as well as India and people loved him not only for his Sufism but also because he was a very fun loving and kind hearted person.

He used to get invited to a lot of Ramzan transmission where he’d read heart-wrenching Naats and Qawwalis. But sadly, yesterday while he was going to a television studio, he was shot dead by an attacker. The attacker was on the bike who started firing right at Amjad Sabri.

This news has grieved every single Pakistani. He was the real asset of Pakistan and yesterday we lost him forever. This incident made everyone rethink that where our nation stands. Everyone, whether he is an older person or a teenager who spends hours on social media is very heart broken. We, as a nation have lost a voice, which used to fill every heart with the love.

We all know that Amjad Sabri is in a much better place right now. But let’s hope we don’t lose our more legends like this. Let’s hope people stop this hatred towards each other and learn to love and respect everyone.

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