24 pictures that prove Pakistani children have the most beautiful smile in the World

Pakistani children


Sarmad Ali
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Why are the children most appealing creature of God? Why’re we so attracted towards them? Why we feel attached to the children? Have you ever wondered that? Is it because of their cuteness? Or it’s a natural phenomenon? Or because of their playfulness or their delicate, cute voice? They all play a vital role in beautifying the child, but the most important fact is the innocence, sadly which fades away with the passage of time.

Have you ever wondered to see the world from the perspective of a child? The genuine innocence they wear about them is priceless. Once you lost this innocence, it’s gone forever. Have you ever observed the charisma in the eyes of a child? The true light that emits from them reveals the purity of human’s mind and soul. Cute, attractive, beautiful and playful children are found everywhere. But our land possesses some extra degree of children’s beauty.

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Here are 30 pictures that prove Pakistani children have the most beautiful smile in the World.

1. A small boy free from the fret and privation, just living the current moment in the streets of Lahore.

A small boy in Lahore

2. The beauty you find in the northern areas of Pakistan is unmatchable. There’s nothing more precious than this innocent smile with a book tightly held against her chest, a real image of Pakistani child.

A Pakistani girl going to school

3. A beautiful village girl from Hunza smiling at the cameraman. The perfect smile depicting no worries, just a free life.

A girl from Hunza

4. Two brothers showing love for the pigeon in a village of Pakistan. They don’t care for their bare feet or dirty clothes or the surroundings; all that matter is the pigeon and their love for him.

Pakistani brothers enjoying

5. A young girl from the remote area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa looking after goats. She’s not tired or fed up, in fact, she’s fresh, energetic and happy. That’s how the Pakistani Children are.

Young village girl

6. A young girl from northern areas of Pakistan wearing the most attractive smile that most of us lack.

Smiling girl

7. Collecting the usable from the dirt and garbage, carrying big plastic bags on their shoulders, no jealousy no hatred. Just two young souls proud of themselves and their work.

Kids collecting garbage

8. That’s the smile you rarely found in other parts of the world.

A happy kid

9. That’s the real beauty of Pakistani children everyone talks about. You can see the red cheeks, the perfect skin tone, and typical cultural outfit. She’s carrying the sticks to lit the fire. A perfectly captured photograph.

Beautiful Pakistani girl

10. A young boy from Saddar, Karachi, who cleans the table at a local dhabba. Smiling lively and living small moments of his life, a pure soul truly depicting the hard reality, child labor, in Pakistan.

Young labourer

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11. An orphan boy living in SOS children village with other Pakistani children. This poor soul is not so poor. His innocence is his wealth which we all lack.

Orphan boy

12. A truly attractive face living her small moments in SOS children village without any worries. She is living freely within the boundaries of the orphanage.

Orphan girl

13. Even flood or storm can’t stop these beautiful souls to play outside. You don’t need an excuse when you are determined to do something.

Children enjoying water

14. A small boy from the slums of Islamabad trying to pop the bubble. This is the real life. We all have been so busy in earning money that sometimes we even forget to laugh.

Slums boy

15. Crying and complaining your parents about the latest iPhone they haven’t bought you yet. Then you probably should learn the true meaning of life from these small girls what a life is even with old clothes and no luxuries but true friendship.

Laughing Kids

16. The real beauty of Pakistan lies in the valley of Kalash. A young girl wearing the traditional clothes with lightened eyes. Yes, she probably has the most beautiful smile.

Cute Pakistani girl

17. To be attractive and beautiful, you don’t need neat clothes and makeup. You just need a pure soul and beautiful smile like this boy.

Beautiful smile

18. The shyness of the Asian girls is one of the wealthiest ornament they wear. She’s probably the real beauty smiling shyly when the photographer took the picture.

Shy Asian girl

19. The Kalashian girls in a playful mood screaming with energy and joy. This is the true remainder of what life is.

Beautiful Kalash girl

20. She’s not a supermodel or a computerized graphic image. It’s a real image of a young Kashmiri girl with deep blue eyes and a pure smile. She is what the real beauty is called.

Beautiful Kashmiri Girl

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21. A young girl in a mud house looking eagerly towards the camera with a beautiful smile. Perfectly captured image showing the life of children living in slums and villages.

Girl in a village

22. Trying to copy the photographer, holding the toy-camera in one hand. But what’s the difference then between the photographer and this boy? Probably it’s the lively smile the boy is wearing which is making him far more special than any of us.

A young boy holding camera

23. Even with missing teeth, this young northern boy has most attractive smile and face like every other Pakistani children.

Pakistani child

24. This is not any grownup model posing for a brand photoshoot. She’s an innocent soul dressed up traditionally at a local wedding.

A small Pakistani girl at a wedding

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