15 benefits of fasting that will amaze you

Ramadan - Fasting


Imran Hemani
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Ramadan, the holy month of reflection and rejuvenation of faith, is much more than just staying hungry from dawn to dusk. Muslims all around the world fast in this holy month while helping the less-privileged people around. Thou most of the Muslims observe fasting as a religious obligation, but few people know the amazing outcomes it holds within.

Benefits of fasting

In this article, we discuss 15 remarkable benefits of fasting that it has to offer:

1. Firm Self-Control

Fasting demonstrates an attitude of self-discipline and control. The dire absence of nutrients in our body throughout the day takes us into a state where we build discipline and control within yourself and reorient our actions. When we fast, we portray our ability to direct desires and patiently persist for the pleasure of the Almighty.

2. Re-Orientation of the character

A well-oriented person is one who is aware of practical, social and mundane circumstances in life. Fasting enables us to re-orient our lives that are so deeply drowned in the lust of worldly desires into thinking about the divine realities and realising that real pleasure lies in helping the ones around you.

3. Self-Discovery

Fasting is a channel in our journey of self-discovery. It helps us examine how committed we are to our holy path and how much do we value the worldly ambitions. As famously said ‘Enter again into yourself’, if you want to find yourself. Fasting quenches the flame of lust and kindles the light of morality.

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4. Rest the Digestive System

Benefits of fasting are tremendous. During the fast, our digestive organs are at rest. When we return back from holidays, we do not want to be overwhelmed with work. Likewise, our digestive system doesn’t like to be overwhelmed all around the year – it just needs a break! But this holds true on a condition – our Suhoor and Iftar should be moderate with foods that are easy to digest.

5. It protects you

Fasting it like a shield that protects you from various elements around. It arouses a sense of good manners and a feeling of respect in general. Be it immorality of the character or a situation of intense anger or leaping towards a bad deed – fasting would help you overcome that.

6. Reduction of weight

Fasting is a perfect opportunity to lose weight and feels lighter overall. It reduces the fat that is stored in our body. However, this should be balanced with a proper diet. Intake of fruits and reduction in consumption of sugar and fats would produce amazing outcomes.

7. Promotes Healthy Diet

It is scientifically proven that Fasting reduces the craving for oil-filled foods and influences our moods towards natural diets like fruits and water. This way fasting promotes a healthy diet.

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8. Provides serenity of the heart and mind

Ramadan is a month of intense prayers and revitalising your spiritual relation. Fasting has a direct impact on our heart and mind. The practice of generosity of being charitable, family-bonding by gathering around the table of Iftar, caring about other beings around and praying with deep concentration develops a feeling of tranquillity, serenity and self-fulfillment.

9. Outlook on Life

As our habitual attitude, fasting determines how we respond to many situations in life and how we behave with people around us. The habit and exercise that we perform in the 30 days of the month of Ramadan have a long lasting effect in our lives.

10. Overcome Addictions

Want to desert your cant-leave-whatsoever-addiction? Ramadan provides an opportunity to ditch it. As Ramadan teaches self-endurance throughout most of the day, you tend to realise that giving up on your addiction may not be as hard as you think.

11. Promotes Longevity

All around the year we sort of overload and complicate our digestive system by eating oil-filled-fat-rich-foods. According to a research, there is a direct relation of our life span with our eating habits. With that said, Fasting makes our eating habits much better that makes our digestive system effective. Eat a balanced diet in Iftar and Suhoor, and feel the change it brings to your life!

12. Psychological effects of Fasting

Fasting has a number of psychological benefits that you could think of – the lowering of blood sugar, blood pressure and diabetes. In essence, fasting is a much-recommended cure for obesity, diabetes and essential hypertension. You feel fresh and relaxed.

13. Frees up energy so healing could begin

Fasting is a wonderful anecdote for our usual being. There is nothing wrong with having good food, but excess food consumption on a daily basis sort of overburdens it. Metabolising and digesting require a fair amount of body energy. More than 65% of the body energy is directed to digestive organs after a heavy meal. Fasting utilizes that energy and gives you full potention to use it. Happy energy-filled-healthy-fasting!

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14. Emotional benefits of fasting

Fasting creates an opportunity for emotional healing. We are far more than just physical bodies. Fasting creates a sense of emotional cleansing. Ever felt emotional while fasting? this is the perfect opportunity to grab and heal your emotional state.

15. Physical benefits of fasting

Natural healing is the best remedy. Fasting promotes a natural way of healing for many of the conditions. During the fast a lot of changes can be felt – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. As the internal healing begins, a lot of diseases starts to cure itself. From aches and pains, to much bigger conditions, headaches, heart disease and the list go on. You will experience an overall improvement in your health and mental conditions.

Benefits of fasting are lesser known to the people. Go on a sound journey this Ramadan and feel the changes and amazing benefits it offers you. Happy healthy-spiritual-journey!

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