15 best Iftar deals in Karachi during Ramadan 2016

Best Iftar deals in Karachi


Sarmad Ali
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Fed up of eating the mainstream pakoras and fruit chaat? Wanna try something different? Then this Ramadan brings the best deals for your sehri, iftar and dinner plans, from the best food spots in town. Either you’re fond of the buffet, dhabas, cafes or mouthwatering fast food of global food chains. This food guide will provide you the best iftar deals in Karachi, to make your iftar a little more delightful, in the holy month of Ramadan.

Best Iftar deals in Karachi

For the foodies in Karachi, here are the 15 best iftar deals in Karachi during Ramadan 2016. This list is not like a countdown; these are just best 15 deals, equally irresistible based on personal and individual reviews.

1. Pizza Hut

If you’re a Pizza lover, then for sure, your best stop will be Pizza Hut. This Ramadan, Pizza Hut came with its usual deal “All you can eat” in just Rs. 849/- + tax. Though the tax is around 21%. In this deal, you can order whatever you want from the never ending variety of Pizzas to the delicious juicy salads and as many soft drinks as you want for your thrust. To make your iftar more delightful, Pizza Hut is throwing away a complimentary Cornetto along with the deal. You can avail this deal from any outlet across the country.

2. Mc Donald

If you’re not a pizza freak and more of a burger buddy, then no need to worry. Mc Donald is always there to offer you something more extra. Yes, this Ramadan, Mc Donald is offering you 1 spicy McCrispy along with 6 pieces of freshly fried nuggets with a medium size drink just in Rs. 550. And if you want to replace your spicy McCrispy with simple yummy McChicken then you’ll just have to pay Rs. 440.

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3. KFC

Talking about burgers, then how could one forget KFC. This Ramadan KFC is offering you more than ever it did. To celebrate your iftar along with your friends and loved ones, KFC is offering 2 tempting deals.

  1. 2 zinger burgers, 2 regular fries along with 2 regular drinks in just RS. 695
  2. 2 zinger burgers, 2 value burgers, 4 pieces of fried chicken, 2 dinner rolls, 1 1.5 liters Pepsi and to deal with you thrust 4 Dayfresh flavored milk packs just for Rs. 1395

4. Nandos

This Ramadan, Nandos is offering you to fill your tummies with its deliciously cooked food with personalized sauces in its exclusive buffet. All you can eat from Nandos house of grill just at Rs. 650+tax.

5. Johnny Rockets

This Ramadan Jhonny rocket is back with its dedicated deal offering you it’s “Fast & Feast” deal. You’ll get 2 delicious alluring burgers of Johnny rockets in the price of one by buy one get one free offer, probably the best iftar deals in Karachi.

6. Del Frio

Fed up of fast food and wanna try something exciting. Then Del Frio is there to offer you its exclusive deal where you can order the starter, the main course of your choice and a scoop from their special ice-creams in just Rs. 990+tax.

7. Steak Escape

This year, Steak Escape is offering you to feast your iftar with their delicious meals. Steak Escape is offering 4 irresistible deals.

  1. 1 Burger, 1 soft drink can, 1 fries @Rs. 390
  2. 2 Burritos, 2 soft drink cans, 2 fries @Rs. 790
  3. 2 steaks, 2 Soft drink cans @Rs. 1600
  4. 4 steak Sandwiches, 1 large box of fries, 4 pieces’ tender, 4 cans of soft drink @Rs. 1690

8. Tavern Grill

This Ramadan, share your love for food with tavern girl by exclusive buffet deal. Tavern grill is offering Karachites all you can eat buffet at Rs. 1395+tax.

10. Fat Burger

How fat burger can rest while others are offering best Ramadan deals? The fat burger is offering 3 tremendous deals to fill up your tummies.

  1. 2 Chickapino Burgers, 1 Fries, 2 Drinks & 2 Slice Juice Boxes @Rs. 750
  2. 2 Beverly Beef Burgers, 1 Fries, and 2 Drinks & 2 Slice Juice Boxes @Rs. 950
  3. 3x Chickapino Burgers 2 Beverly Beef Burgers, 2 Fries, 5 Drinks & 5 Slice Juice Boxes @Rs. 1799

11. 14th Street Pizza

The famous 14th street pizza is offering 2 iftar and 4 Sehri deals this Ramadan. To make your Ramadan more special, eat with 14th street pizza and get yourself lures. It’s one of the best pizza iftar deals in Karachi.

  • Iftar Deals
    1. 1 half pizza, 1 social box, 1-liter drink, 1 chocolate lava cake or 1 Nutella pizza @Rs. 1699c
    2. 1 full pizza, 1 social box, 1 1.5-liter drink, 2 chocolate lava cake or 2 Nutella pizza @Rs. 2599
  • Sehri Deals
    1. 1 slice of 20” pizza + 1 500ml drink @Rs. 299
    2. 1 10” pizza + 1 500 ml drink @Rs. 599
    3. 1 10” pizza + 1 1-liter drink @Rs. 699
    4. Half 20” pizza + 1 1-liter drink @Rs. 999

12. California Pizza

California pizza is offering its 4 enticing sehri deals valid from 11:00pm till sehri.

  1. 1 regular pizza + 2 300ml-drink @Rs. 666
  2. 1 large pizza + 1 1.5-liter drink @Rs. 949
  3. 1 jumbo pizza + 1 1.5-liter drink @Rs. 1199
  4. 2 jumbo pizzas + 2 1.5-liter drinks @Rs. 2229

13. Hardees

This Ramadan, Hardees is making your Ramadan more enchanting than ever. Yes, Hardees is offering you its biggest, juiciest Ramadan deal for 3, one of the best iftar deals in Karachi. This offer is valid from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. This deal includes 2 chicken fillet, 1 famous star, 3 chicken tenders, 2 fries, 3 300ml-Raani float and 3 unlimited refills of soft drinks just in Rs. 1399.

14. BBQ Tonight

BBQ tonight is offering one of the best buffet deals in town. You can lure your taste buds with any delicious dish offered by BBQ tonight. You can avail its Fast+Feast deal in just Rs. 1500 including taxes.

15. Ginsoy

Last but not the least in this list, Ginsoy – the extreme Chinese for the Chinese lovers in Karachi. Ginsoy is offering a flat 50% discount on any of its meal during the first 10 days of Ramadan. It’s offering one of the best iftar deals in Karachi. So what are you waiting for? Go, get up and grab your favorite Chinese cuisine by just paying half of it.

If you know of any other interesting deals, let us know and we’ll add them here.

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