15 best Iftar deals in Lahore during Ramadan 2016

Iftar deals in Lahore


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When it comes to food, the Lahoris can’t back off. Either it’s summer, winter, autumn, monsoon or even the Holy month of Ramadan, the zinda dil-an-e-Lahore are always in search of good food. Be it a lavish café, or some fast food chain, or an opulent restaurant or a local dhaba, Lahoris rest at nothing. They are the actual people who just lives to eat. And when it comes to quality food, no one has better taste than the foodies of Lahore. While, this Ramadan, you’re busy in wasting your time over deciding the best iftar deals across the Lahore, we’re here to make things easier for you. Here’s the list of 15 best Iftar deals in Lahore during Ramadan 2016, arranged randomly, though.


This Ramadan Norouz is making your Ramadan a little more extra. Fed up all the continental or fast food stuff? Then give your food a Persian touch and relish your taste buds with the special iftar platter. Norous is offering its most divine flavors Persian cuisine in as low as Rs. 699. And if you want to add some special drink to your platter, you just have to pay Rs. 100. The rates are inclusive of taxes as they believe Ramadan is a month of Rehmat and Barkat, and there is no need for inflating prices in this month. This is one of the best iftar deals in Lahore you can get.


How long can a Lahori eat the common pakoras and fruit chaat in Iftar? Probably their stomach will start itching for the need of some desi continental sustenance. This Ramadan, Tabaq is offering you its Iftar cum Dinner buffet in just Rs. 1300, including tax. The menu includes more than 30+ dishes and complimentary refills. This is not the end. Tabaq is offering you an irresistible sehri deal as well. You can make your weekend-sehri special by availing the sehri buffet at Tabaq, just in Rs. 880.


Wanna try a unique mixture of Persian and Afghani food? Then Buzkash is the best stop for you to fill your hungry tummies with the delicious combo. You can taste the Persian as well as Afghani food by just sitting in a soothing environment in Lahore. The central Asian cuisine restaurant is offering its iftar cum dinner buffet in just Rs. 1399 + tax. But you have to separately pay for drinks of your choice.

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The Mediterranean café if offering its delightful iftar and sehri buffet waiting for you. The buffet is the combination of different food item you wish for in iftar. This is probably the only café in Pakistan that’s offering you Ab-e-Zam Zam in Iftar. A 25+ variety of dishes along with numerous dessert items are waiting for you. You can add a world class experience in your food book in just Rs-1850+tax. The café remains open from Iftar till sehar. You can also avail the marvelous sehri platter is just Rs. 699+tax.


From Thai to continental, Citrus restaurant has everything to offer you. You can open your fast with their assorted filled dates followed by the iftar drinks and buffet offering you the traditional iftari items with the unique touch. This is not the end. You can have the sumptuous dinner buffet with a variety of dishes and desserts. You can get all of it in just Rs. 1750 + tax.


If you’re a burger freak and can’t wait for more to fill your taste buds with the divine flavors of the burger. Then, Howdy is there to offer you one of the best iftar deals in Lahore. It’s offering you its iftar caboodle including a Single Patty Burger, Shashlik stick, Jalapeño Popper, Cheese Sticks, Fruit Salad, Pasta Salad, a Dessert and a Soda Drink + 1 FREE REFILL. You can get all this in just Rs. 999 + tax.


Wanna fill your tummies will pure desi food? Then Dera is here to offer you all the desi food you can think of. Yes, this Ramadan, dera is offering its Iftar buffet with 30+ food items in just Rs. 1250. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the golden opportunity to fill yourself with delicious desi food at Dera. This is one of the best desi food iftar deals in Lahore.

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Fed up of the desi environment and want to try some luxuriant place? Then Arcadian café is probably your next stop. This Ramadan, Arcadian café is offering you its Iftar buffet with 25+ main course dishes and a variety of desserts just in Rs. 1725 + tax.


One of the highest rated restaurants in Lahore is offering you a prepossessing iftar cum dinner buffet. The buffet consists of Iftar platter, a variety of salads, Chinese, continental and desi food items with a diverse dessert bar. You can avail this buffet just in Rs. 1190 + tax.


The DHA branch of Italian Express is offering a full load of complimentary Iftar platter on ordering any main course item. The order time is between 5pm to 7pm. You can charge yourself with the exciting Italian cuisine in town.


A full house of desi food with its never ending buffet menu is offering all you can eat buffet just in Rs. 1195. You can avail a discount of 25% on original buffet per head value. This is one of the most attractive iftar deals in Lahore this Ramadan.


The Tree lounge is offering Lahoris a full list of divine food items in its exquisite buffet at a very low price. For your incessant thrust, Tree lounge is offering you unlimited drinks along its iftar buffet. You can avail the buffet at Rs-999 + tax.


For the extreme Chinese lovers, Ginsoy is back with its most attractive Ramadan deal. Now you can get a straight 50% off on all the food items during Ramadan from 11pm to 1am.

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For burger lovers, Johnny rockets is always there to offer you something little extra. This Ramadan, Johnny rockets is back with its buy one get one free deal available at all the branches countrywide.


In this complete list, how can we forget about the pizza lovers? So don’t feel dishearten. This Ramadan, Pizza hut is offering you all you can eat from a large variety of pizza to salads in just Rs. 849 + tax. This is not the end; you’ll get a complimentary cornetto along this deal to make your iftar more delightful.

If there’s any delectable food spot being skipped regarding iftar deals in Lahore and you think it should be the part of the list, please let us know.

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