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Thousands turn to social media in support of Hamza Ali Abbasi after PEMRA’s ban

Hamza Ali Abbasi


Imran Hemani
5 minutes read

Hamza Ali Abbasi – a social media activist-cum-controversial figure, made a controversial statement yet again that has created an uproar that leads to the ban on his transmission – questioning the oppression of Ahmedis on National TV. Hamza, who hosts the Ramadan transmission on a private TV channel earlier revealed that he would be discussing the Ahmedi community and blasphemy laws during his final transmission.

In essence, Hamza took the bold and fearless step that no one dares on the National TV. He put forth the question regarding the rights and oppression of the Ahmadis, a minority who are never presented their basic rights based on their religious beliefs. He was of the view that the community is being suppressed and if anyone attempts to talk about their rights is subjected to be called an Infidel too. He further questioned if the state has the right to declare anyone a Muslim or a Non-Muslim.

The reaction was expected as it triggered an absolute chaos especially amongst the religious leaders, and soon death threats and hate speech began targeting the social activist on his viewpoints. One such threat was aired live on another Ramadan transmission by a famous religious scholar that resulted in the banning of both the program transmissions by PEMRA. The social media was then flooded with pro-abbasi posts appreciating him for the bold efforts made on a National level.

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