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Imran Hemani
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Karachi – the city of lights, is not only a commercial hub and an economic backbone, but also notorious for its city life full of adventures. From classical monuments to the places of recreation, the city offers a perfect place for tourists and locals.

In this article, we will cover 40 places and things that define the Karachi from its classical masterpieces to the vivaciously vibrant nightlife of the residents.

1. Mazar-e-Quaid

Located in the heart of the city, the Mausoleum of Quaid is the very landmark that Karachi is known for; built in the honour of the founder of Pakistan. The place is a centre of tourists’ attractions and a very famous public place where you would always find crowds of people enjoying the city life with their families.

2. Hindu Gymkhana

A perfect illustration of a classical exemplar brought back to life. Built in the early 90’s, the building still holds its grand looks. The building currently serves as a centre of performing arts under National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) and considered one of the historical places for people to visit.

3. Mohatta Palace

Mohatta Palace enjoys its place as the pride of Karachi that has become a centre of creative activities and a place where an enormous collection of antiquates are being displayed. A must visit place in Karachi! Apart from its beautiful interior and exterior, Mohatta Palace is said to be one of the haunted places in Karachi.

4. Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Museum

The place speaks for itself; portraying a wide variety of aircraft that express their history. It is one of the suggested public places to visit in this vivaciously-vibrant city.

5. Empress Market

Despite the magnificence of this market being depleted, it still feels like British colonial times. This market is a one-stop solution to all your needs. Tourists visit this market in a gesture of a historical place still lively and energetic with people all around.

6. Frere Hall

During the British days, some of the key monuments were built that reflects its grandeur until today. Frere Hall is one the public buildings that is well preserved and that has become a centre of attraction for a lot of activities. Looking to visit something really wonderful in the city of lights? Frere Hall is a must visit!

7. Merewether Clock Tower

Some places reflect the glorious past of the city – Merewether Clock Tower is perhaps one of the key figures. The symbol cannot be missed, as it is standing by the intersection of two of the busiest roads. It is a very common place to visit for the people of Karachi.

8. The Sindh Festival

The City of Karachi has plenty to offer you. Sindh has a rich history of its culture, custom and traditions. The purpose of organising The Sindh festival is to promote the cultural heritage as well as to preserve its rich art culture. The festival comprises of a series of different events including grand mushaira, Sufi night, Basant, ghazal night and much more revolving around the Sindi culture and customs. Interested in learning about the magnificent Sindhi culture? Attending this event in Karachi is a must then!

9. National museum of Pakistan

National museum of Pakistan is a diverse exhibition museum that is rich in history and culture. It showcases a total of 11 varied galleries that gives you a feeler of the extensive culture this city possesses. To know more about the place, you surely need to visit it !

10. Bagh Ibne Qasim

If you want to experience the nightlife of this city, a visit to Bagh Ibne Qasim is a must! A place famous for hosting a wide variety of public events and gathering due to its huge size. It is open 24-hours a day!

11. Boat Basin

Hey, foodies! Karachi is your ultimate stop for all kinds of cravings! The famous Boat Basin food street located in Clifton serves all kinds of traditional desi food with a bethak-style that makes your experience worth enjoying. The place is very famous amongst the residents of Karachi as a common place for what they say ‘Baithak’.

12. Port Grand

Port Grand has earned a lot of attraction over the past few years due to its well-built architecture. It is notorious for a place for hanging out with friends and family while enjoying a wide variety of food and other fun-filled activities.

13. Masjid e Tooba

Perhaps the mosque with the single biggest dome. Masjid e Tooba is one of the oldest mosques that has a historical significance. It is must visit place for all the tourists inquisitive to explore the city.

14. Clifton Beach

The one-stop-picnic-solution for a number of residents of Karachi as well as the outsiders. Clifton beach offers plenty of beachside entertainment including swimming, horse and camel riding and some good food!

15. Churna Island

A hidden paradise – that’s what people call this place. Famous for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving activities. Churna Island is a place everyone should at least visit for a change.

16. Burns road Food Street

For those of you who love to have proper mouth-watery-desi-food, burns road Food Street would be a treasure in its own. With its wide variety of food that it offers starting from Nihari, Biryani and Qorma – and all the way ending at delicious Rabri, burns road secures its place in claiming the heart of all desi-food lovers.

17. Karachi Safari Park

A public-funded family park that covers a huge area, Safari park is the family entertainment spot for a lot of residents of Karachi. It also holds a privately funded amusement park for a lot of different activities.

18. Dolmen City Mall

Reshaping the retail landscape, dolmen city mall offers a wide variety of shopping options for Brand-Conscious people. It’s a well-built mall with a food corner worth trying.

19. Chaukhandi Tombs

Chaukhandi Tombs is an early Islamic Cemetery that is famous for its sandstone carving. Most of the architecture is based upon the Sindi style and a number of Tribal leaders are buried there. A must visit place for tourists interested in historical masterpieces of Pakistan.

20. Dhabas

How can one forget about the Dhabbas that outshines all across the city? Surely they are what makes the night-life of the city very lively. From a wide variety of options, namely Gullu Butt, Chai Shai and numerous others, a cup of tea at a Dhaba is certainly something out of this world!

21. Nueplex

Movie Freak? Cannot resist watching the movies on a large cinema screen? The city has to offer a number of movie theatres. Neuplex hosts the largest cinema complex located in Karachi.

22. The Second Floor (T2F)

To summarise – A perfect place for all socialites. There is always something going on around at T2F. Be it a social discussion on a hot topic or any classical music event, T2F is always a lively place to visit.

23. Titbids Book Shop

Located at the heart of Saddar, the bookshop is one of the oldest in the city. The best part about this bookshop is that you could find cheap second-hand latest books to soothe your reading desires.

24. Urdu bazar

Every student is familiar with Urdu bazar. A place where you could find second-hand books and also sell your old books. The market is always filled with students trying to find their coursebooks.

25. Manora

A small peninsula located to the south of Port of Karachi. It is a famous picnic spot as well as the tourist attraction due to its long sandy beaches. A Must to your visit-checklist!

26. Tariq Road

Have you ever seen the crowded places where people from all ages are just inquisitive to find their fit? Well, Tariq road hosts one of those. The market is packed with people during the times of special occasions with women and children desperate enough to find their unique share of shopping blended with endless arguments with boutique owners on the readiness of the event dresses. Truly a sign of a lively city!

27. French Beach

A place that is mostly known to the elites of the city. A rugged beach with clear water makes it a perfect place for swimming and scuba diving and an excellent picnic point.

28. Dreamworld Resorts

Perhaps one of the biggest family entertainment resorts in the city of lights. It offers amenities and facilities all filled up with loads of entertainment and amusement. The place surely is used for a wide variety of picnic and amusement plans for the residents of Karachi as well as the tourists.

29. Do Darya

A well-known dining spot these days that hosts a wide variety of food chains offering some mouth-watering-yumilicious food. The place is always packed with families at night enjoying some quality time – and surely taking selfies and group pictures.

30. Dhoraji

Gola Ganda is one of the famous things you would find amongst the people of Karachi. Want to have some sweet gola ganda? Dhoraji should be the final stop.

31. All Pakistan Music Conference

For the revival and promotion of classical performing arts and music, the All Pakistan Music Conference is organised every year at Hindu Gymkhana known as National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA). The festival offers performances of some great maestros on classical and folk music. The event is a perfect illustration of building a community that values its classical arts to preserve and promote them. It is held in the month of March.

32. Eid-ul-Fitr

The much awaited religious festival of the Muslims that comes on 1st Shawwal, after the end of Holy month of Ramadan. After reciting their Eid Prayers early morning, Muslims exchange sweets and visit their relatives, friends and loved-ones.

33. Karachi International Book Fair

A feast for book-lovers and writers – KIFB is of the largest book fairs held in Karachi annually. It is an ideal spot where publishers, booksellers, organisations and press can engage and identify potential business opportunities; at the same time, readers could purchase the best of the local and international books. The exhibition is held annually in the month of November. Don’t forget to add the event to your list of things to in Karachi!

34. Muharram

Muharram marks the start of the Islamic Calendar and is considered of the revered months. Muslims pay homage to the Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Hazrat Hussain who was martyred in Karbala 1400 years ago. The events are revered by Muslims and non-Muslims.

35. Thomas & Thomas

If you are a readaholic, the city of lights has to offer a bunch of options to soothe your thirst. Thomas & Thomas stands as one of the oldest bookshops in the busy streets of Saddar. You would soon find yourself surrounded by scholars and philosophers. But it saddens how the culture of bookshops has slowly declined as technology took over our intellectual habits.

36. Education Expo in Karachi

An attraction for prospective students of Karachi – the Education Expo has held annually in Karachi that bridges the gap between the inquisitive and bright minds of the youth with the university representatives. The event is much famous amongst the students to plan their educational needs for both local and international universities. The event is held in the month of February.

37. Karachi Literature Festival

KLF is a one of kind literary festival that is held annually in the month of February. Attendees of the event portray the event as one of the profound reflection of Pakistan’s historical literature and cultural roots. Literary festivals are a classic diverse combination of clothes, food, books and some quality time. This is one the not-to-miss events amongst the residents of Karachi.

38. International Defense Exhibition and Seminar

Commonly associated as IDEAS, is a defense event that is held biennially in Karachi. The event showcases a wide range of equipment used around the world in their military. Considered of the integral events of defense organised by Pakistan’s defense production ministry. Excited about some high-tech-military-stuff? IDEAS should not be missed!

39. Jashan e Bahara

Karachi relishes its joyous life. Enjoy the delights and pleasures of Basant! Jashan e Bahara Basant Mela is one of the liveliest events held in Karachi. Colours of spring are enjoyed to its maxim. It is considered as a family event that includes Kites Flying, Dhol Dhamaal, Mehndi stalls, delectable food and surely a lot of music!

40. Holi in Karachi

A ceremony of the triumph of good over evil, Holi is an event that filled with colours of happiness! The Hindu celebration of the festival is a gesture of welcoming of spring. Festival includes lots and lots of colours, paint and water. It a perfect depiction of how people from cross-cultures and religions live in the city of Karachi while accepting the norms and cultures of each other.

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