How to get permission from your family to travel alone?

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Gone are the days when issues like accommodation, commutation or reservations hindered one from exploring the world. With the booming e-commerce industry, you can manage your entire travel in just a few clicks. You can search affordable accommodation online, book flights online, book hotels online and plan your entire travel virtually from your mini screen.

However, even the cutting edge technology drops its weapons when it comes to convincing a typical Pakistani parent to allow their child to travel alone.

Needless to say, safety is our parents’ first concern. Tell your parents that you want to travel alone and they would start visualizing all possible mishaps that could happen during you stay out! Is there any way how you can make them stop worrying and grant you permission right away? No matter how impossible it may sound, be convinced that it is absolutely possible!

Here are the few tips that you should keep in mind before you make your pitch about your travel plans:

1. Always remember: Communication is the key!

Just follow a simple rule. In order to work it out, you need to first talk it out! Remember! No one knows your parents more than you do and therefore no one can convince your parent any better than you can. Think about what could be your parents’ top of the mind concerns and then plan out how you can those be resolved by you.

2. Address their questions, don’t avoid them!

Think of it as a job interview. Ask yourselves what questions are they likely to ask you once you share your plans with them and then prepare those answers accordingly. It’s ok if you don’t have answers to all of their questions. Tell them that you are still planning on some aspects of your travel. Give them an opportunity to help you plan your travel and consider their suggestions. It’s only if you listen to them, you can demand the same in return.

3. Promise that you would always stay in contact!

To be away from your home and not in contact with any family member is the biggest nightmare for any parent, wherever in the world. Assure and reassure your parents that you would keep them updated with all your proceedings. After all, travels should be a combination of fun plus responsibility!

4. Show your gratitude for whatever they decide for you!

Being resentful or rebellious is the worst thing that you could do when denied the permission to travel. Be strategic and think of it in the long term. Maybe their denial today could be a blessing in disguise for you in future or just your mere obedience to their decision would warm their hearts to grant you permission right after. Show them you that you love them no matter what they decide for you and witness the magic yourself!

5. Don’t forget to bring stuff for them!

Yes, you got it right! In order to get something, you would have to first give back something. This rule of barter is never outdated. So when you are having fun in the foreign land, do set a tiny budget aside to buy some stuff for those who actually made it all happen. Take it as an investment. If you make them happy from your travel, this time, you probably won’t have to push hard enough to get permission for your next travel.

6. No matter what, never lose your temper!

Getting into a fight right when you need permission for travel is the worst nightmare ever. Be sure that you don’t indulge in any quarrels or conflicts especially in days near to your travel. Answering so many questions about just a simply travel can be very annoying sometimes; however the challenge is to maintain your composure and answer all the questions smartly. You absolutely don’t need to share all the information but make sure you have enough information regarding your travel before you share it with your parents.

7. Try to find some mutual contacts!

Who said that networking is only required in the corporate world? Today to find a mutual contact is as important to plan your trip abroad as it is to find a new job! The chance of you getting permission to travel alone is higher if you remind your parents of any of your phupos, chachas or khaloes living there! Tell them that you would be visiting them frequently and will be passing them warm regards from the family. You probably would have to carry some gifts for them with you but that’s probably a fair deal if, at the end of the day, you get to travel to your dream destination, right?

It’s ok to strategize your pitch before appearing to your parents to get permission to travel alone but with all this, don’t forget that they cannot be taken for granted. Love them and respect them no matter what they decide for you!

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