10 reasons why you’re blessed to live in Pakistan

Muzaffarabad, Pakistan
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No matter how bad situation of Pakistan and Pakistanis look, deep inside we all love Pakistan and cannot stand living far away from our country. There are a lot of things in Pakistan which are better than other countries and these things just can’t be ignored. In our country people are hardworking and innocent; they love food more than people love their brand new gadgets. We can enjoy all types of weather which people from a lot of other countries are deprived of. Other than these, mentioned below are some other reasons which make living in Pakistan a blessing for all of us.

1. Delicious Pakistani Food

Pakistani food is the main thing missed by every Pakistani living abroad. Eating Italian or Chinese in a five star hotel can never replace the joy of eating a spicy Pakistani food at a local dhaba. Pakistan has a variety of foods to offer, ranging from Nihari to Biryani; every dish has its own specialty and unique taste. Such variety of tasty food is surely one of the main reasons that living in Pakistan is a blessing.

2. Beautiful Landscapes of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country having mind blowing natural places to visit. There are a lot of adventurous places in Pakistan which are visited and loved by all the adventure lovers. The attractive places of Azad Kashmir, Kaghan, Swat and the magnificent lakes in Pakistan as well as stunning beauty of Gilgit-Baltistan give a heavenly view to the visitors. Pakistan has world’s highest mountain ranges. A visit to these heavenly sights reminds all Pakistani about the awesomeness of our beloved country.

3. Rich Culture

Pakistan is a country with a very strong history. Its culture is diverse. There are different events which are celebrated in Pakistan in their own unique manner. No matter where you go, you will miss celebrating your Eids and other festivals in Pakistan.

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4. Diverse Lifestyle

Pakistan is a country where there is a huge difference between the lifestyle of various people. This diversity in lifestyle is due to the division of societies into upper, middle and lower class. People of different religions and different schools of thoughts live here and create even more diversity. The positive point of having such divisions and variations in society is that no one feels misfit. Every person, no matter in which class he belongs, develops a harmony and survives with everyone else.

5. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Pakistan is very less as compared to most of the other countries. Here if you have an average or slightly less than average income, you can spend a fairly middle-class life. You can easily pay your bills, have regular meals, send your kids to school, and have all the other basic necessities of life. So in this regard, living in Pakistan is really blissful.

6. Pakistani Dresses

Pakistani dresses are a mix of style and elegance. They are comfortable to wear and reflect Pakistani culture. Pakistani designers are becoming world famous now and other people are also appreciating the diversity and uniqueness of Pakistani dresses.

7. Pakistani Weddings

Weddings are one of the most joyous occasions in a Pakistani’s life. Everything is so beautiful about a Pakistani wedding may it be the tiring dance sessions, the list of food or the events of Mayoon, Nikah, Mehandi, Barat etc, these functions are something which one surely miss when he is out of Pakistan.

8. Weather

One of the biggest blessings of Allah on Pakistan is that we are blessed to have all types of weather. We can enjoy summer, winter, fall and spring. With different weather come different food and dresses, which show true essence and color of the weather. You cannot enjoy such beautiful and natural climate changes anywhere other than Pakistan.

9. Warm and Open-hearted People

One of the best things about Pakistan is its people. Although financially they are not very rich but their hearts are very big and warm. They meet everyone with a smile on their faces and greet them with warm wishes. They are helpful and compassionate.

10. Family System

In Pakistan, family system is still intact. We don’t leave our family no matter we are 20 or 40 years old. We are still supposed to live with our family and this is something which makes life in Pakistan a blessing for all of us. We still get to spend time with our elders. We get to listen their stories and learn from their experiences. We live as a family and love each other no matter what and that is why living in Pakistan actually feels like home.

The people who are far away from Pakistan, no matter they are living in a very beautiful or peaceful place they surely miss Pakistan and its people. There is nothing like the love of one’s own country.

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  1. Excellent research.
    And we are blessed nation worldwide.
    we should thankful to Almighty ALLAH.
    You did very nice work.
    Keep it up………

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