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First Political Agent Khyber Jeep Rally held in FATA

Khyber Jeep Rally


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The successful completion of the last phase of the military Operation “Zarb-e-Azb” against terrorism is good news for everyone. The final phase of military operation “Zarb-e-Azb” also concluded successfully. Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Shareef addressed the troops and praised their valor and sacrifices. The military operation was started in FATA and surrounding areas so as to erase the remainings of the militant and to destroy their hideouts beside breaking their networks with their abettors. It shows that Pakistan army is determined to take on the enemy without any choice for negotiation. Also for making Pakistan a safer place in the eyes of the International world.

Khyber Jeep Rally

The political administration of Khyber Agency initiated a campaign, in Khyber agency named as “Rangoon Pa Khyber K”. This campaign aims to restore the cultural activities and sports in the tribal areas of Pakistan. To portray the soft image of FATA, the first-ever Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) jeep rally, in Khyber Agency was held in June. The rally was named as the ‘First Political Agent (PA) Khyber Jeep Rally’. About Sixty-five riders of different regional and national jeep clubs took part in the rally. Also, the riders from the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Pakistan Army participated in it.

Do you know: There are 12 seats of FATA in the National Assembly and 08 seats in the Senate (Source: National Assembly of Pakistan)

Inauguration of Khyber Jeep Rally

During the inauguration ceremony of the jeep race, various color balloons and pigeons were left up in the air and at Torkham border, it expressed a sign of peace and happiness. A huge number of locals were seen as spectators of the Khyber Jeep Rally. They welcomed the rally participants at various points of the historical Khyber pass.

Talking to the media men, during the inauguration ceremony of the Khyber Jeep Rally at Pak-Afghan border Torkham, Khalid Mehmood; the political agent of Khyber Agency, said that

The rally was aimed to show the real soft, peaceful image of FATA to the world. It is held to give a message to the people, that the people living in tribal areas, love development and peace. The campaign also aims to entertain the people of the area who suffered during militancy boosting their spirits to get back to their normal lives.

Shaji Gul Afridi; Deputy parliamentary leader FATA, also spoke on the occasion. He said that he loves to take such practical steps and works for the prosperity and development of his constituency people, and this rally is a great sign of peace in the constituency that there was no IDP (Internally displaced person) here. He also said that if there is peace in the area, development and prosperity inevitably comes there. He further talked about his visit to China mentioning that he is confident that the rights will be given to the people of FATA in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) including powerhouses, link road, and industrial zone.

Shaji Gul Afridi, while answering the questions of the journalists, said that

The business activities of locals at Torkham got suffered recently. But this issue will be resolved soon also. And the government of Pakistan has started efforts to secure the Pak-Afghan border Torkham. Also, to protect the state and citizens of Pakistan. He also said that soon the business of locals will be recommenced at Torkham.

Winners of first Khyber Jeep Rally

Khyber Jeep Rally started from the Baisy check post of Jamrud. The same ended on the starting point after the jeeps passed numerous villages of Aka Khel and Sholobar areas of Bara subdivision. A retired army captain, Babar, won the race. While Shakeel Barqi; the political tehsildar of Tehsil Mullagori Jamrud, got the 2nd position in the first political agent jeep sports competition, in Khyber Agency. Shah Nawaz was placed 3rd in the Khyber Jeep Rally. Shaji Gul Afridi presented (First Automobile Works) FAW Car to the winner of the race while the 2nd winner of the contest Shakeel Barqi received Rs 0.1 million.

Political agents of Khyber, Chief Secretary Amjad Khan, and frontier corps officials were also present on the occasion. The management also thanked Pakistan Army, for providing security during the rally.

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