British-Pakistani artist awarded OBE at Queen’s Birthday in U.K

Queen's Birthday


Hiba Khalid
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Queen’s Birthday is not a matter of some candles and cakes with a birthday wish at the end of the ceremony. The event holds many important aspects and aspirations for communities. A Queen’s Birthday marks many things from independence, loyalty, bravery and how the Queen honors those among us. The natural decorum and festivities are carried out every year at Queen’s birthday; slight changes are made every year according to circumstances and environmental considerations as well.

Queen’s Birthday, however, brings together a prestigious concept of awarding the efforts of people or common men in businesses, public sectors, charity, philanthropy as well. The award has two most outstanding reputations that makes it one of a kind. The first is the honor of achieving acknowledgment from Queen herself. The second is the standard and public acceptance of hard work recognized and labeled as legitimate on a day like Queen Birthday.

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Did you know the main inspiration behind awards and ceremonies at Queen’s Birthday relate to her interesting lifestyle and choices? In 1945, Queen’s joined the military and worked as a mechanic and yes the royalty knows how to change a spark and a plug. Moreover, the Queen is a fluent french speaker and values intelligence. Another important fact of consideration is that a Queen does not require a VISA like almost everyone else does. The idealistic and realization behind acceptance for all nationalities is also based on her life travel and experiences.

Officer of the Most Excellent Order in British Empire (OBE)

OBE typically is an abbreviation of “Officer of the Most Excellent Order in British Empire”. This award is presented to the members of the community who have preserved the standards of humanity and have provided a commendable service in their business, community service or some other recognized field. One of the great things about OBE is that it can be awarded to anyone. The simplest task can attain the highest intelligence award from none other than the Queen herself.

How many of you know that being an artist can also lead you as a potential nominee in the OBE honours? Well, not many out there consider that noble and intelligence awards are only for the humanitarians and public and private businesses. The concept, however, needs to be changed. Artists bring life, joy, lessons, realizations and realities we refuse to believe and they summarize them into scenes and dialogues. The relativity of the situations and real life consequences is one thing the dear and respectful Queen could not resist herself for this one person named Adil Ray.

Adil Ray is a 42-year-old British-Pakistani actor who is also known for his work on radio broadcasting and television programs. He is most profoundly known as the Citizen Khan’s host and a co-writer. Adil received an OBE award from Queen on her birthday which he very proudly dedicated to his parents claiming his success and his intelligence both are confirmed only because of his parent’s efforts and good genetics.

The story that generated the stir among nationals and internationals is based on a very unfortunate character called out as the Brummie Mr. Khan. Citizen Khan started off in 2012 and was aired on BBC One and is still a running show with a constant rating on IMDB as 6.2. The show plays host to many other characters from the globe namely Shobhu Kapoor, Anil Gupta, Richard Pinto to name a few. The comedy show is based on various light realities that have been sent out as perception to the world. It is regarded as the lighter side of Islamic Comedy in most genres. It has a total of 5 Seasons listed and running. Flattering story lines to enchanting and comedy based dialogues keep the show on its pace and has achieved the marvel of receiving many Television and fame awards.

Adil Ray is also known for his creative writing and perception skills. The most attributed quality from the blood line of a Pakistani. There is nothing that would make us more proud. Muslims are all over the world; no boundaries can label and separate Muslims. Adil Ray like many others have successfully changed the perception of Muslims on the globe through his talents and creativity. The man of OBE honour might not be a permanent resident of Pakistan but his roots and his faith is deeply intact. His work reflects himself and all the community as one nation with a few different names. Some names fall into the categories of “Gora’s” and the others are the “Desi’s”. Nonetheless Adil Ray is a man on a mission and we wish him all the best luck for his future endeavors.

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