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Bangladeshis using Air Conditioners made of plastic bottles

Air Conditioners made of plastic bottles


Hiba Khalid
4 minutes read

Bangladeshis have been giving birth to some tech geniuses in the rural down towns. The latest onset of discovery in this season of extreme load shedding in summers is an Air Conditioner designed by Bangladeshis out of clean plastic bottles. Yes, a simple heat beating solution to unavailability of electricity and the outrageous economic shifts. The neighbors of Pakistan decided they are not slaves of summer or the economic disabilities. People of Bangladesh have set up an inspirational trend for coming up with a simple solution of cooling the room temperatures many degrees on the north side in this summer heat.

The main concern for most of the common men and women out there is their inability to deal with the circumstances of summer season in Pakistan. Many people are not privileged and do not accommodate the high society and low load shedding areas. But nonetheless, everyone suffers from the same heat with less air conditioners and more countable hours of no electricity. A simple yet very powerful solution has been presented across the borders from our brothers. They have passed on a legacy for a cool summer even if you do not have a million dollars in your pocket. Just remember and do not throw that next plastic bottle of Coca Cola – the more the merrier is the logic we are pertaining to in this case.

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Did you know for an average person who has access to air conditioners is more intolerant as compared to a person who does not have access to an AC? Yes usage and presence of AC’s have changed how we bear the heat. The more accustomed a person is to AC’ based environments the less tolerant is his or her’s body in aspects of bearing heat and certain climatic changes. Thus, you are not so heat fighting ninja as the ones on the street. Your body is weaker than theirs.

The man behind the Air Conditioners made of plastic bottles in Bangladesh is Ashis Paul who was inspired by his daughter’s physics activity from school. This makes us ponder if we were active in all those Physics lessons who would need load shedding, right?. The air conditioner is designed using the cheapest and simplest materials. The constituting materials include a board, some plastic bottles and a good pair of scissors.

The very first step is to understand that board should be designed to beat the heat concepts derived by Science. It consists of holes that can be fixed with bottle tops. The next step is to equally measure and decide the number of holes you would prefer according to your window size. Cut the plastic bottles almost on the 4th quarter or half. Keeping a long neck at the back would help in a more intake aspect based on the basic Air conditioner methodology.

Remember to place the bottlenecks on the inside of the board and the window. This is a crucial step because this is responsible for that cool air that will flow during load shedding hours. The main geek and greek in this simple technology is the utilization of pressure. The air enters the wide part of the bottle and then suddenly shift to the width of bottleneck creating the pressure that is required for the cool breeze. The idea is simple but very effective. All you need is some bottles and a good window with some air calculations and it will provide you with a very cool effect during the hot summers in Pakistan as well.

Approximately 25000 households in Bangladesh have deployed these air coolers. The claims are that the cooler immediately drops down the temperature by 5 degrees. Additional services and intuitions can be added to get even better results. You can change the orientations based on weather conditions at day and night. Multiple set ups and cross ventilation will bring the temperature down by 10 degrees if you place your cooler on windows across the hall and above the tops. You may also use a battery operated fan and create a breeze on three window tops or just a single window will also do the required job.

There are great inspirations in each and every one of us. The only thing holding back is experimentation and ability to trust in ideas. Why not try out some adventurous ideas and challenge yourself to develop something worth serving millions at the cost of only hundred rupees? Step up Pakistan and give summers a reason to remember Pakistani’s forever!

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