5 places offering free Wi-Fi in Karachi

Free Wi-Fi in Karachi
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Free Wi-Fi isn’t just available at coffee shops or restaurants anymore. There are a lot of other places you’re probably not aware of that now provide free Wi-Fi in Karachi. There are few places such as hotels, malls, recreational places where you can find free internet. There are an increasing number of places around Karachi where you can find free Wi-Fi to let you surf the internet. Thanks to this, I get to watch so many people wandering in the cafes with their laptops open looking for a blip of the signal to let them online. I’ve seen people in the malls, restaurants, and other places all trying to hold that Wi-Fi signals.

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Places with free Wi-Fi in Karachi

To make our lives a little easier and to avoid being one of those crazy people, here we are discussing places with free Wi-Fi in Karachi.

1. Espresso

Espresso a well known café located in Clifton Dolmen Mall and Zamzama is a place where you can get free Wi-Fi, just ask for the password! They even offer free cookie to those who check-in to Facebook while having their delicious food.

2. Dolmen Mall (Clifton)

Dolmen Mall Clifton is where you can enjoy free access to the internet while shopping and that too without asking for a password. Cafes in Dolmen mall also offer free internet service to their customers.

3. Park Tower

Park Towers located in Clifton also offer free Wi-Fi in Karachi to its customers in the mall. It is one of the oldest malls in Karachi, and I’m glad they know how to use technology for good!

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4. Port Grand

Port Grand is considered as one of the beautiful places in Karachi. It is a great place with a stunning view of huge ships and sailing boats. It is huge, with too many choices for food and most importantly provides free internet. Capture beautiful pictures and upload it right away!

5. Quaid-e-Azam Intl. Airport

The Quaid-e-Azam International Airport Karachi is among the places that provides free Wi-Fi in Karachi to its travelers. If you’re going to be stuck in the airport somehow (and if you’re flight is not on time), why not make your trip an entertaining one with free Wi-Fi? And easily inform your loved ones that you have safely arrived or about to depart.

It seems like there’s Wi-Fi almost everywhere now. Finding a free Wi-Fi is a lot harder, but if you know where to look, you’ll be able to have delicious food, can buy amazing stuff, fly around the world, and that too while staying connected to the Internet. Before you begin using one of the numerous free Wi-Fi hotspots, make sure to learn how to stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks

Let us know what are the other places in Karachi where you’ve encountered free WiFi?

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