How to beat heat wave in Pakistan and survive this summer

heat wave in Pakistan


Hiba Khalid
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Heat wave in Pakistan has been the subject, for a few decades now. It is a general concern, in most of the nations. However, the Asians have been reportedly knowing, to be the most cases of heat strokes. People need to be fully prepared for the heat wave and all the consequences it brings around. Let’s just not put summers in a bad place. We all know summers are amazing and come bearing Mangoes as well as summer vacations but that scorch and humid weather, need some attention. In Karachi, the beach is a good start to beat the heat wave – well at nights only.

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Heat wave in Pakistan has resulted in many casualties. More casualties have been reported in Karachi, Lahore, Sibi etc; the heat prone areas. Heat wave in Islamabad has also been a reason of stir, however, the summers in Islamabad are not as bad as in other cities. Nonetheless, measures are required on both individual and collective levels, to help fight the heat wave and protect yourself and those around you. Here are some tips to help you tackle, the heat wave this summer season in Pakistan.

Drink Water to overcome the heat wave in Pakistan

The very first thing, you are going to hear from agencies; raising awareness against heat wave and doctors is “to drink plenty of water”. This is not a secret thing, mother nature has blessed us with water and we need to drink it. It is most healthy to drink, at least 8 glasses of clean water, on a daily basis. In the light of recent events, for the heat wave in Pakistan, this amount needs to go up only.

Make a DIY Air-conditioner

This method involves, some old school, wrapped in the modern language of science. The good old people of Egypt and the respectful ages of no Air-conditioner, involved using just two items:

  1. A fan
  2. A bowl full of Ice

You need to get a bracket or a portable desk fan and place a bowl of ice and add some cold water to it and all you need next is to sit back and enjoy that cool breeze on your face.

Health Re-Hashing

It is important to eat healthy organic food. Blessed is Pakistan, where everyone gets the organic food and fruit as compared to western countries, where you have to pay extra Lincolns, to get organic food. So step out, purchase the water-based fruits like lemons and all other ones and take them!

Have a Eureka Moment

The old school methods of creating cross breeze can come in handy. All you need to do is to find out the direction of the wing and then make an adjustment in your fan placement. You can set up multiple fans to actually create a wind of breeze. Here’s the Tip:

To have a cool cross breeze, you need to optimize your fans; place your fans in a direction outside and you will get a much cooler breeze rather than facing it inside and have a warm one. A plus would be to buy some IC’s and make the direction of fan automatic.

Avoid Jeans

The old school ways also have their advantages. People should try wearing the traditional Shalwar Kameez, to beat the heat wave, this summer. Wearing loose and light colored clothes bring in more air to your body that jeans won’t do. So skip it and become a light clothier for this summer.

Science is the new Pink

Yes! you heard it right. The hot air actually rises above, so all you need to do is, lay down for a while. It means you need to get your mattress off from the bed and onto the ground. Imagine mattress on ground with a DIY cool breeze, you might just visit Skardu in your dreams.

Waiting is the new Entry Regime

Do not sit immediately into your cars, after you unlock it. Wait for it, open all the doors and let the heat out. Sitting immediately could result in a bad stroke or a headache.

Know your coolest spots

We all know the tedious hours of load shedding and not having access to latest technology. The best alternative is to know your coolest spots. Whenever you feel warm, try cooling those spots with an ice cube, or a towel dipped in water and lay under the fan or simply on ground for a while. The two most cooling spots of your body are your neck and your wrist.

Wrap Up

One other way to stay cool in summer is to create a cool room in your house. Select the room, where you would like to spend most of your time and place a reflector on the window. In this way, heat won’t be absorbed instead, it will reflect back. Do not overwhelm and over accessorize. As this is best, in a limiting manner, only for a room. One common material is the foil. It can easily be found at any drugstore in the city.

Take Showers But don’t Waste Water

Water shortage mostly happens in summer, as people waste water for getting cool and fresh. Store up a tub of water, instead of using a shower, for taking a quick bath. 1 tub can last you a complete day.

Heat wave in Pakistan cannot be environmentally reserved, but there are many factors that can reduce it such as planting more trees and raising awareness among people through public health centers to account heat wave protection can help a lot. For Protecting yourself is important but we all are one species. We need to protect each other from the heat wave. Here are few deeds, that could be done to ensure each other safety.

  • Always carry 2 bottles with yourself. It can come in handy. Go out and distribute those bottles in the street for working class. They need it more than the rest of the class.
  • Educate children on heat wave and how to handle a person who is suffering from heat stroke.
  • Place public water coolers in streets and commercial areas.
  • Be philanthropic and do charity for people in less fortunate areas. Provide food, water and fans.

Heat wave in Pakistan can be avoided but trees take the time to grow up and so does plantation and water systems. Meanwhile, start planting trees and water systems for the next heat wave in Pakistan. As for the current summers- scorching weather, beat it with intelligence and some good old school ways. Keep healthy and safe!

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