10 best Pakistani novels you should read this summer!

Best Pakistani Novels


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If you think you are now too sick and tired to read and re-read Harry Porter or Twilight series, now is the perfect time to try something different! Unfortunately, Pakistani novels are very under rated despite the fact that we host some of the world’s best authors who have produced incredible pieces of literature which should be promoted on National and International platforms.

Best Pakistani novels

This summer, promote your country’s outstanding talent by reading our Pakistani classics and promoting it in your social circles. If you still wondering where to start, refer to the list below:

1. A Case Of Exploding Mangoes

Mohammed Hanif’s debut novel takes the subcontinent on by a storm, unraveling one of Pakistan’s most enduring mysteries with a teasing, provocative, and very funny twist.

2. Moth Smoke

This debut novel established Mohsin Hamid as an intellectual writer having an unprecedented imagination which ultimately paved his path to success. Moth Smoke portrays a contemporary Pakistan as far more vivid and disturbing than the eroticized images of South Asia familiar to most of the West.

3. Kartography

Kartography is a mesmerizing novel, which transports its readers to a vibrant and dangerous side of Pakistan. As you delve deeper into this fiction, the author Kamila Shamsie sheds light on passion and family secret dram which rings universally true.

4. Cracking India

Bapsi Sidhwa is Pakistan’s leading diasporic writer. Cracking India is a powerful novel with a backdrop of the 1947 Partition of India. The narrator, a young Lenny Sethi encounters religious, ethnic, and racial violence and conflict. Through heartbreak and humor, the domestic drama serves as a microcosm for a profound political upheaval.

5. The Scriptwriter

Adeerus Ghayan is the author of numerous fiction and non-fiction titles. He is a Pakistan based author with a focus on socio-politico-military themes. The Scriptwriter is a politico-military thriller set in Pakistan amidst political turmoil in the second half of 2014. The plot is centered upon the US preparations for attack on the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant/Syria and its involvement in Pakistani politics.

6. How it happened

Shazaf Fatima is the beam of light who graced the literary scene in 2012. Initially being a teacher at The Lyceum School, Shazaf started her journey with her debut novel “How it happened”. Focused on the contemporary Pakistani society and mindset, how it happened focues on the struggle of the traditions clashing with the changing times. It focuses on how relations are strengthened and broken in Pakistani drawing rooms. The story is from the perspective of the youngest child who must read it to kill time this summer. A fictional novel with hilarious references to the modern society and changing times, this book beautifully talks about the issues that a traditional family faces, and how, arranging marriage although not fun, reminds us all the necessity to laugh through it all.

7. Clay

An emerging writer, Hafsa Zarnab’s debut novel Clay is not only about Adam Patel’s struggle to become someone ‘big’ as per his mother’s dream but also to discover man’s purpose in life. Facing hardships and betrayal in every step of life, Clay tells us how one finds a purpose in life. A beautiful novel written by a student, Clay is a unique piece of work which focuses on a story that no other Pakistani novel, documentary has ever focused on.

8. My Feudal Lord

Published back in 1991 by Tehmina Durrani, My Feudal lord is all about women being oppressed and how they face and hide domestic abuse and violence. It talks about how appearance can just be an illusion and how a sweet, decent smart man can turn out as a monster who beats his wife mercilessly just because he think he can! My Feudal Lord is a must read to understand how our society functions, not only back then, but till today, women from elite as well as working class face this type of oppression. It is a detailed insight about how our patriarchal society functions. It is highly regarded as one of the best Pakistani novels of all time.

9. The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Famous for his book, Moth Smoke, Mohsin Hamid has produced yet again an amazing master piece. With his book The Reluctant Fundamentalist, he talks about how a man who is living the American dream falls in love with a beautiful American women and how then he is thrown off track within the time frame of one evening. How all the events of one evening lead him abandoning America is what this story is all about. This book is a page turner, where one simply cannot relax without finding out what happens next.

10. Blasphemy

A searing study of evil, this Pakistani novel is a tragic and shocking story of a beautiful girl Heer who is a victim of domestic violence by her husband Peer sain or the Man of God. This is a heart wrenching novel that makes us realize the cruelty of the world and how, the most pious of men are the ones promoting such an act. A book worthy of reading that covers the happenings of our society, Blasphemy has in a beautiful way reflected how our society functions.

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