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Hundreds of Pakistanis are boycotting Sunsilk after what they did to trees



Sarmad Ali
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The business of a company often rests on its reputation. Marketing strategies help corporates in building their brand name as well as product recognition. When a company reaches the high expectations of the public, its reputation stands on firmer ground. The better your reputation is, the more the business expands and sales increase. The brand is the way customers perceives the corporate. These days the companies face different marketing challenges due to the immense competition. to serve the purpose, corporates spend millions of rupees and cross the social boundaries.

Where Sunsilk went wrong

Let’s have a look what strategy Sunsilk Pakistan is using for its branding and promotion. Sunsilk attained maturity as a global brand with its products sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner are commonly used by middle class and lower middle class families of Pakistan. Visit any city of Pakistan, you will see the big and small billboards alongside roads, nationwide. But now, hundreds of Pakistanis are boycotting Sunsilk over what they did to trees to put up those billboards. But why? let’s see to what extent someone might go just for advertising and branding.

Yes, recently in Karachi, some of the oldest trees were cut down by Sunsilk. Those old trees were replaced by pout-faced billboards displaying Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner. The story spread like a fire when Ayesha Farooq, a Karachi citizen, posted on social media that:

So you chopped down a perfectly good row of (necessary) trees to put a string of nasty pout-faced billboards. Shame on you Sunsilk. Also, what convoluted co-relation have you forced between clothing brands and shampoo?? What is it with stopping at nothing to sell your products? The only association I will now make when I see your stuff in stores is your irresponsible advertising. And I will NOT buy it. Greedy Corporates.

Sunsilk Pakistan

Sunsilk Pakistan

“This crass commercialism is no better than sheer vandalism”, commented by one of the ex-Sunsilk consumers. As a result of this advertising campaign by Sunsilk Pakistan, Sunsilk lost a number of consumers and still losing. Sunsilk published a statement on social media as well stating,

Sunsilk does not support actions that adversely affect our environment. We confirm that we have not directed the cutting down of any trees.

Trees and Global Warming

Undoubtedly, forests are vital for life and home to millions of species. They protect soil from erosion, produce oxygen, store carbon dioxide. And above all, trees help control climate. They also purify the air we breathe in. One of the biggest global hazards in the modern world is deforestation. Deforestation is damaging the atmosphere and environment at a great pace. According to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), 32 million acres of tropical rainforest were cut down each year. Deforestation is an important factor in global climate change. It is estimated that more than 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere due to deforestation. We need to protect tropical forests from deforestation and degradation. If we want to reduce the emission of CO2 and prevent our planet from the worst kind of global warming.

Climate change in Pakistan

Temperature crossing 50-degree centigrade, massive flooding, severe heat waves, hurricanes, melting glaciers and extreme weather conditions. That’s all that is happening in Pakistan from last few years. As a result of ongoing climate change in Pakistan, the weather of Pakistan has become increasingly volatile and is increasing continuously. By not taking any concrete steps, the government is only adding to the threat of climate change. Pakistan is most vulnerable to climate change and it can’t afford any further loss due to climate change. It’s been more than a year since it rained in Karachi. In 2015, the total death toll due to the extreme heat wave in Karachi was more than 2000 people because of dehydration and heat stroke.

Update: It has been reported by Ayesha that Sunsilk has removed their billboards as seen in the image below.

Sunsilk Pakistan

Sunsilk Pakistan

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