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5 Pakistanis who made Pakistan proud globally in April 2016

Pakistanis who made Pakistan proud


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Pakistan is a diverse country with people of different language backgrounds, culture, religion, customs, and sports. It is currently embroiled in serious problems and challenges. Whether it is extremism or economy; Pakistan is bearing the brunt of constant challenges. Despite the unending odds standing against us, there are many Pakistanis who are still trying to keep our heads up high.

Pakistanis who made it big in April 2016

Here is a collection of motivational and inspirational Pakistanis who made our country proud in April 2016.

1. Muhammad Ali Nawaz

The Princess Royal presented a Whitley Award, a prestigious international nature conservation prize worth £35,000 in project funding to Muhammad Ali Nawaz for protecting the endangered snow leopards in Pakistan. The ceremony was held at the Royal Geographical Society, London. Muhammad Ali Nawaz leads a Snow Leopard Trust’s Pakistan program. He is also a faculty member at Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad. Ali is working in the Pamir-Karakoram mountain complex to conserve the species. Snow leopards are critically endangered in Pakistan. They are found in 12 countries; China, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, India, Russia, Afghanistan, and Mongolia, but still their number is dropping. They are either killed by local farmers because they eat their goats, sheep, and horses or hunted by the local communities. All Pakistanis should unite to protect the endangered species in Pakistan.

Muhammad Ali Nawaz

2. Amaad

This is a heartwarming story of cross-border goodwill that will surely make us proud as Pakistanis. A US-based Pakistani business person rescued a team of Indian students, stranded at Dallas airport. They were a team of aero-designers from (NIT-J) Institute of Technology-Jamshedpur. They were returning after participating in a competition in Texas and got stranded due to excess baggage concerns. The airport authorities asked them to pay $260 because the size of the model was above the prescribed airport limits. The students were short of money. Making us proud to be Pakistanis, the Pakistani business person Amaad, in an elegant gesture, paid the money for the students and helped them board the flight. Contrary to the image portrayed by the politicians, the fact is that both Pakistanis and Indians respect and love each other.


3-4. Saadia Khabab and Mahnoor Ansari

Two Pakistanis, Saadia Khabab and Mahnoor Ansari also made us proud by winning six fashion and design awards at the end of a three-day show ‘Reach’, the 17th Annual Fashion Show of Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCUQ). Both of the collections displayed a variety of innovative creations, using unique materials. The fashion show was adjudged by Kristina Spirk, a Milan-based fashion designer, and witnessed by H.E. Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, Chairperson of Qatar Museums, Reach out to Asia and Doha Film Institute. Saadia Khabab received the W Doha Award, providing her an opportunity to showcase her collections throughout the year using the W Doha platform. Mahnoor Ansari received the Salam Fashion Award; for supporting a graduate’s transition from student designer to a career in design. She also won the GLAM Award for her outstanding creativity in her collection named “Tanuvo”.

Saadia Khabab and Mahnoor Ansari

5. Shandana Waheed

Another Pakistani talent is a student Shandana Waheed. She has been awarded the Falak scholarship 2016 at the New York University (NYU). Shandana graduated from Forman Christian College University (FCCU) in history and politics. She was pursuing a master’s degree in near eastern studies at NYU’s Kevorkian Center. Shandana said that she would move back to Pakistan after completing her degree and will work to improve the education sector. Falak Sufi Scholarship is named after Falak Sufi, who was born in Pakistan in 1983. She was a girl who had a brilliant mind, generous heart and had an urge to change the world. She published work on various topics and didn’t stop herself from speaking and writing about anything. She was a deeply admired and loved graduate student in Near Eastern Studies at the Kevorkian Center of New York University. The Falak Sufi Scholarship is to honor her memory and to support students from countries with the majority of Muslim population, in South Asia. It is a two-year master’s program in Near Eastern studies.

Shandana Waheed

Thanks to these talented and amazing five Pakistanis for making us proud. This is not the end, many Pakistanis are working either as a team or individually so as to put forward a positive image of Pakistan. Get out of your bubble and do something for Pakistan. Work hard and struggle to explore new horizons of success. Wake up as a nation and make the best use of your potentials to make this homeland a place worth living.

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