10 ways to enjoy the summer season in Pakistan

Summer season in Pakistan


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Summer season is finally here in Pakistan. It is the time of the year students eagerly wait for, as it brings them a long summer vacation. Everyone gets energetic and ready to spend their holidays to the fullest. But at times thinking about the heat and the rising temperature, one is not left with many ideas to enjoy summer season in Pakistan. Are you one of them? Don’t worry; here we will tell you how to cherish the presence of this season at the fullest.

Tips to enjoy the Summer Season in Pakistan

  1. Everyone waits for the summer season in Pakistan because they bring long vacation with them; giving a prime time for traveling. The cold breeze, pleasant evenings, and landscapes; there is surely nothing better than this. There are a lot of beautiful places you can head to like Murree, Nathia Gali, Ayubia, Naran, Kaghan Valley, Shangrilla, and much more. Enjoy the rain and pleasant weather there.
  2. One can say, the summer season in Pakistan is about enjoying Lassi. It is indeed the best drink for a hot summer afternoon. It has many health benefits and keeps you cool during high temperature. It is full of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, and riboflavin. You can also drink lemonade to refresh yourselves when the sun is at its zenith.
  3. Summers bring with them lots of fruits like mangoes; the king of all, watermelons, strawberries, peaches, plums, and lychees, etc. Not only these fruits are excellent sources of vitamins, but they are delicious too. Get ready and feast yourself with Mother Nature’s gift of refreshing summer fruits. So don’t just hydrate yourself with water, grab a fruit juice and refresh your tired body.
  4. Summer season is home and so is the lawn shopping craze for females. All the brands come out with beautiful and colorful dress collections to keep you comfy. So rush to the nearest outlets and shop away this summer. There are also plenty of summer deals and mid season sales, helping you buy your favorite dresses at lower rate.
  5. In the summer season, you will get to see a lot of sugarcane stalls in every corner of the road. One can also enjoy Baraf wala Gola, icecreams, Falooda, and a lot more on the road. Don’t forget to eat Golgappas too, no matter which season it is!
  6. Earn sawab this summer by putting water for thirsty birds and animals. Offer drinks and water to your fellows and senior citizens on the road making good deeds. The holy month of Ramadan also falls this summer, in which Muslims abstain from food and drink until sunset. Fasting for a month brings with it the beauty of Eid-ul-Fitr, where we all spend time with family, relatives, and friends; giving and getting Eidis and Eid cards.
  7. Enjoy summer evenings outside home playing all those fun games like Pakran Pakrai, hide-and-seek, barf pani, cricket, football, water games and much more. Outdoor Games play a significant role in the overall development of body and mind of a child and adult. Don’t forget to fly kites!. One can also go for hiking, which is indeed a great combination of meditation and exercise.
  8. The ever-changing nature of fashion trends brings us new looks to wear. For enjoying summer season in Pakistan, get a haircut or just keep them tied up. Or maybe it’s time to do a fantastic new hairstyle. Go ahead and have fun with your hair! Wear your new sunglasses and look elegant. Wear some great caps with lightly woven fabrics, which will also protect you from the sun and will give some much-needed relief to beat the heat and add to your style quotient for the summer.
  9. One of the best remedies to live through the summers is to go for Swimming. It not only refreshes you but also strengthens the muscles. It is an exercise that doesn’t make you sweat, so it is indeed the best of both worlds.
  10. Last but not the least how can one forget load shedding and mosquitoes during this blazing summer. Yes! There is excessive load shedding. But Alhamdulillah we have alternatives, even if it is just a manual fan, UPS or generators. For killing mosquitoes, one uses coils or mosquito killer sprays to get rid of them. Let’s be thankful for what we have because the summer season also brings monsoon in Pakistan. Monsoon rains bring much-awaited relief from the scorching summer heat. These rains in Pakistan are quite heavy and unpredictable sometimes causing destructive floods. It is a yearly phenomenon, and we need to implement proper measure for better drainage for rainwater.

Well, one should try to avoid the scorching heat and take plenty of water to beat the heat. These were few ideas to guide you on how to make this hot summer season fun-filled and entertaining. Have a happy Summer season of Pakistan guys! Make the most out of it.

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