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Punjab Government to modernize major cities vis-à-vis New York, London and Dubai

Punjab Safe Cities Authority


Shaigan Rana
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Human life was never at such a great risk as it is now. Terrorism, which was non-existent few years back, reared its ugly head and started to spread destruction. It was first linked with Muslim countries only. But then it gradually grew and threatened most parts of the planet. As with its greater threat, multiple techniques have been introduced to safeguard human life.

Pakistan is unfortunately at a greater risk of security concerns. Numerous measures have been taken by the federal government and Pakistan Army simultaneously to counter such acts of terrorism. Operation Zarb-e-Azab is one such great example. But we still lack latest technological devices that can be efficient enough to amend the flawed system and reduce the on-going crimes.

Police out of all the institutions in Pakistan is blamed the most for not carrying out their tasks efficiently. So as to cope up, Punjab Government has introduced Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA). It has been set up to update and restructure the whole system of Punjab Police. This concept of “Safe Cities” has been imitated from some foreign countries who are doing absolutely well and up to the mark in this regard. It is a network that involves advanced infrastructure, technological devices, and people regulating it. It has greatly impacted their security system ensuring safe and protected environment. So this quite gives a clear picture of how our security system can be enhanced to an up-scale level.

Revolutionizing the future of Punjab police; PPIC3 (Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication) is under process of its formation. First to be set-up in Lahore, which is due to be inaugurated and made functional in October 2016. Sources has it that it will be initiated by monitoring Muharram processions, which is likely to take place in November. While this set-up will further be installed later in more cities of Pakistan such as Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, and Gujranwala etc. Their modeling would purely be done by keeping in mind the modern urban monitoring systems used in cities like London and Dubai.

Traffic Management by Punjab Government

Traffic is one of the other main problems faced by people of Punjab. Punjab Government aims to ensure proper regulation of the traffic flow through PPIC3. That will not only incorporate “digital traffic signals” but will also include “monitoring and messaging systems” along with other innovative “smart urban traffic management technologies.” This is going to revolutionize the traffic flow cutting all kinds of traffic blockades and ensuring free-flow of traffic, directing to shortest routes in case of any kind of work or construction. Considering this, one can image the smooth flow of traffic with minimized road traffic hustles, in Punjab.

Replacing traditional modes of traffic

E-ticketing (electronic ticketing) would replace all the traditional methods of ticketing used by Punjab Government, which would be quite proficient in a sense that cameras would record all the activities providing proof in case of any kind of violations. The vehicle’s number plate would be read by the scanners and video cameras meanwhile fines would be automatically dispatched to the mailing address of the violators. This will also offer traffic police in Punjab the chance to analyze the situation of violations committed by commuters, whether they be motorcyclist, pedestrians, or car drivers. The violators would then be given training if and so required. An indication of clean and smooth flow of traffic can quite be predicted thereby along-with guaranteeing of bringing peace into citizens’ lives.

Summing up, we are well aware of the fact that we are in dire need of change. Change in terms of law and order, law enforcement, upgraded technology, and fair and just system. A kind of change that could bring us at par with latest technologies and technicalities of the world. The initiation of the said system by the Government of Punjab, if implemented and acted upon properly, is a clear indication that lots of improvements can be brought-about in Punjab Government as well as the distorted image of police can also be revamped.

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