10 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi


Aleena Naqvi
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Abdul Sattar Edhi is a legend and his compassion helped in saving countless lives. He devoted all his life to the service of humanity. He is a world-renowned social worker and the Edhi Centers established by him has been helping the people for years. He has ambulances all over the country, and his clinics, shelter homes as well as orphanages are also available in almost all of the major cities of Pakistan for homeless women and orphan children. They are helping millions of people.

Edhi was born in 1928 in Bantava, British India. At the tender age of 11, he had to take care of his mother, who had a stroke. It was the illness of his mother, which laid the idea of developing a system for old, mentally ill, and challenged people. He has been honored for his services on national and international forums.

Lessons from Abdul Sattar Edhi

The life of Abdul Sattar Edhi holds many lessons for us. We can learn a lot from his life and make this country a better place.

  1. Abdul Sattar Edhi has taught people that even if one comes from the humble background he can make a change. When he migrated to Pakistan in 1947, he started working in the market at a wholesale shop. He started as a peddler and ended up founding Pakistan’s biggest NGO.
  2. He is also a living example of the fact that it is ok to start small. When he became a commission agent, selling cloth in the wholesale market of Karachi, he established a dispensary for the poor people of the community.
  3. He was helped by the community while opening the dispensary. The life of Edhi has taught us that if one is brave enough to take the initial step, there will always be good people who will follow him.
  4. The seeds of compassion for humanity were sowed in him at a young age. By looking at the life of Edhi, one will know that when he was young, his mother used to give him one paisa for eating lunch and one more paisa to give to a beggar. The need to help the needy was instilled in him from the start.
  5. He also taught people that having a family should not stop one from doing well in the society. He married Bilquis Edhi, who was the nurse at the Edhi dispensary. They also have four children. The responsibility of family has never stopped him from helping other people, who were in need.
  6. From his life we can also learn the important role a woman plays in one’s life. Edhi started the charity work because of his mother, and he established it with the help of his wife. His wife also runs a maternity home in Karachi. She organizes the adoption of abandoned and illegitimate babies.
  7. He has also taught us that if one is passionate about a cause, then the opportunities will present themselves. He had no resources when he started, but he was brave enough to take the first step.
  8. He has shown us that how much difference one single person can make. He has changed the face of the welfare in Pakistan.
  9. The Edhi foundation was started by Edhi Trust with just five thousand rupees. He has shown that if there is a will, there is always a way. His intentions were pure and honest, and he soon developed a reputation of the guardian for the weak. He got donations from people, which allowed him to expand his services.
  10. Abdul Sattar Edhi has taught us never to back down in the face of adversary. He has faced several difficulties. He has also faced discrimination while traveling because of his appearance. But his love for humanity has never wavered. That is why Edhi Foundation has become one of the largest NGOs in the world.

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  1. Edhi life is really inspiring for everyone, i would suggest to the Pakistani Producers for making film on Edhi life and services he provides to the poor people.

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