“Project 50 Kids” aims to introduce school students to technology

Project 50 Kids


Shaigan Rana
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Technology, a basic need of the present century, can be defined as skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of the certain objectives. In the current century, babies are attracted to the touch phone screens instead of toys. Youth today is also well aware of technology but the issue here is What are they using technology for? Are they using it to progress in their studies? Are they using it to get information about the latest trends or Are they using it for the mere purpose of entertainment? Pakistan needs to develop and for that we need our youth to work hard in a way that is helpful for the development in different fields majorly computer science because that is what concerns technology the most.

In times of such crisis, people who think about the society and the welfare of others are always found. This time, these people were three friends who started a “Project 50 Kids” with the aim to introduce the youth of Pakistan to the modern technology, making sure that all the kids get access to the latest technology trends. The purpose was bringing all the kids from the so-called social classes together on one platform. It included the kids who might have never seen a computer to the kids who are looking to complete their apple products collection. In the start, the project engaged 50 students but as the word was spread it engaged 150 students and then started research and development. It included weekend workshops in government schools across Lahore. The Team made new concepts and moulded their courses according to the understanding of the students.

Project 50 Kids 2

The philosophy of Project 50 Kids is based on 4 key concepts that are creative being, critical thinking, technology learning, and power connecting. The main motto is to bring out the creativity in students and make them think out of the box so as to enable them to break through the intellectual barriers and develop critical thinking skills. The team provides youngsters with the new technology trends that are being introduced throughout the globe so as to learn and apply the same. One thing that must be appreciated is the effort of the team to bring the students of the different classes on the same platform and create a powerful connection between them.

Do you know: Article 25-A of the Constitution of Pakistan obligates the state to provide free and compulsory quality education to children of the age group 3 to 16 years (Source: National Assembly of Pakistan)

The team behind “Project 50 Kids” implements the concepts by conducting workshops and summer camps across Lahore. Summer camp is an annual one-month program designed to provide an engaging learning experience where workshops are short one-day sessions to keep the connection made in the summer camps established.

Project 50 Kids

The “Project 50 Kids” started in 2015 and this year, it plans to conduct 5 summer camps and 8 workshops reaching up for 550+ students. The team is doing a great job educating the kids about technology, more importantly, using the technology for the rightful purpose of learning and creating new things than merely using it for social networking or other entertainment purposes. We wish the team very good luck for their future and to the cause they are working on.

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