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Hiba Khalid
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There are some young-hearted wanderers who have made it their mission to bring the spirit alive in people of all ages by simply joining hands in bicycling. Yes! It is the clan of Critical Mass who has taken up bicycling as a mission to bring people, happiness, and passions together on their bikes. The groups of healthy activists are promoting many causes with one arrow. The trendsetters for bicycling and mountain biking are trying to bring out a culture of fuel free environment as well as some major health fitness goals.

islamabad bicycling

The aspirational start for Critical Mass started off in 2009, originally in Karachi and Lahore. The event is inspired by an international movement of promoting cycling as a form of efficient fuel saving, better health condition, safe-to-travel mottos as well as scenic discoveries. The Pakistani version is no less than the international one. It is regarded as somewhat better because it takes up more courage and phenomenal spirit to gather people from their busy lives and spread a word through potential actions.

The bicycle enthusiasts gather every month irrespective of the male-female discrepancies at a pre-decided point. From the point, the registered cyclists are informed about the time, travel requirements, conditions, and the route that the Mission Mountain Biking is going to be about. Critical Mass has made it particularly clear to people of Pakistan that age is just a number, people from all age groups are eager to join them; no ethnicity boundaries and no gender discrimination. The act is pure humanity in itself.

islamabad bicycling

Do you know: In 1947, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan established Pakistan Cycling Federation and in 1948 the cyclists took part in first Olympics held at Karachi (Source: Wikipedia)

The bicycling pilots have been successful in exploring the beauty of Islamabad along with other cities and they never miss a chance to be peaceful advocates of friendship, appreciation, equality, and humanity. Recently on March 23, 2016, the Biking Pilots of Islamabad took up a Pakistan Day Bike Challenge. The CMI has travelled many routes and the bikers are always accompanied by mentors and leaders with full support and guidance. They never miss out on the preparation and that’s how they have successfully managed to discover beautiful and scenic routes of Shahdrah Village, Shah Allah Data Cave, Shangri-La Village, Damn-e-Koh, Khanpur Dam, Monal, and many other places as well. The group stops from the biking and flying to relish their taste buds for that tourism and sightseeing. The flying bicycle riders follow all traffic rules and confirmations since they are here to promote a cause and not just renting bikes. That is how Pakistan is made proud by CMI!

islamabad bicycling3

Look out for the next bike on the corner shop and fly away with the peaceful and proud rebellions.


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