Transform your body with the ’42 Day Challenge’

42 day challenge


Gohar Latif
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In recent years, people have become more inclined towards health consciousness and fitness. They are determined to change their lifestyle and diet for it and put in as much effort as they can to live a long and healthy life. The “42 Day Challenge” started in 2012, just like all other fitness fads; most of which lose popularity within few months, but the “42 Day Challenge” is the one that remained popular.

In life, nothing is impossible and absolutely everybody can shed pounds and get a toned body by being devoted to a perfect diet plan and workout program. People should simply utilize the right apparatuses to build their ideal body. “42 Day Challenge” is working to provide everyone, who joins them, with the best fitness plan and personal training in Pakistan.

The experience they have gathered from their own healthcare and physical changes, combined with years of exploration in fitness and nourishment; will provide people with the tact that not many other trainers could. So overlook your second thoughts and start now with new hopes that you can and will achieve your goal.

Do you know: For an added motivation, the person with the greatest transformation gets an all-expenses paid mini-vacation to Koh Samui, Thailand for two people (Source: The Forty Two Day Chellenge)

Now let’s see the workout and Diet plan; this is how the 42 Day Challenge will work:

1. You will work out six times a week.

2. Every workout will last close to 40 minutes a session/day wherein women carry 4 kg weights in each hand and the men carry 8 kgs. One day will be cardio and abs, and one day will be weight preparing. However, for ladies, it will be diverse cardio workouts.

3. Every Sunday is a detox day, you won’t workout on this day, you will substitute your dinners for detox juice (6 times through the course of the day). However, this will thoroughly flush your system and reduce fat quickly. Also, it will make you desperately anticipate the meals of the following day!

4. The workouts will be different every week so that your body never hits a plateau.

5. You will be provided with the equipment required for each exercise at the classes, which will then be accessible to you after the program is finished so you may be able to practice the workout techniques at home every day to maintain the physique you have achieved.

6. You will be provided with a printed version of each day’s workout toward the end of the program.

7. You will likewise be given all the ingredients and recipes of the meals followed by the timings of when to eat them.

8. Everyone is allowed to contact them at any time of the day for any queries.

9. You will also be taught the basic differences between healthy calories and empty calories.

They guarantee that if you follow their workouts and diet plan precisely, the 42 Day Challenge will get you a Six Pack for sure. After the challenge is completed; they give you a CD record, which has your work out on it along with a diet plan.

So far the “42 Day Challenge” is one of the best in Pakistan. So? Are you the next to join?

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