10 Problems faced by the people with walking disability in Pakistan

Walking disablity
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We all know that the life of a disabled person is much different and tougher than a normal person. There are alot of problems, which they have to face on daily basis. But unfortunately a disabled person living in Pakistan, experiences difficulty in a greater extent than disabled people in the first world countries. There are only a few service agencies located in our community, which work for the ease of disabled persons especially for people with walking disability. Following are some of the problems faced by the people with walking disability in Pakistan:

  1. A disabled person has to face problems from the time he starts going to school. There are a lot of matters, which need to be looked at for a kid with walking disability. His parents need to think a lot about the choice of school for them because there are not very good schools for disabled persons in Pakistan.
  2. A disabled person, especially one who has problem in walking, has to face problem even while going to toilet. He needs assistance of other persons for getting to the washroom.
  3. There is little or no public transportation available for people with walking disability.
  4. If disabled persons are using wheelchair, the slopes or ramps present in business and public buildings cause great difficulty for them.
  5. In Pakistan, not many people are willing to hire a disabled person for the job. They think that these people will need more assistance and it will cost them more. Even if the disabled person is well qualified, people hesitate to hire them.
  6. Do you know: Pakistan has one of the largest disabled populations in the world, with an alarmingly large number of about two million physically or mentally handicapped children, who are 43 percent of the total disabled population of the country (Source: Pakistan Society of Neurology)

  7. Even if a person with walking disability is selected for a job, the pay he gets is very low. He cannot support his family or even himself, with the payment he is offered.
  8. Although life is tough for all the disabled persons around the world, but for a disabled Pakistani, life is a bit more harsh. He has to face many hardships for earning a decent place in society. He needs to go through a lot before developing confidence otherwise he cannot survive in the cruel society and isolates himself from everyone.
  9. In Pakistan, another very common problem for a disabled person is his marriage. Not a lot of parents are willing to get their son or daughter married to a disabled person. They are concerned about how the husband (if disabled) will earn and support the family or how the wife (if disabled) will take care of the whole house.
  10. Sadly, not many people in Pakistan befriend a disable person. People talk to him or spend time with him only if they need something. This is something so sad but true. We need to break these kinds of stereotypes and treat disable persons as we treat others becausethey are not less than anyone else.
  11. These disabled persons always need someone’s assistance. Sometimes they also want to go somewhere all by themselves, which is not possible without an electrical wheelchair. These electrical wheel chairs cost a fortune so, not a lot of Pakistanis can afford them. The Pakistan made manual wheel chairs are not of very good quality. Therefore, even good and comfortable manual wheel chairs are brought from other countries to Pakistan, which is very sad because not everyone can afford them.

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  1. Problem identified.. now what’s next?

    I hate to say but the seminars and workshops are good for nothing until there is a will to change. The change can only be brought about our government then us; the disabled.

    I am an educated professional, I work at a bank and earn decent enough salary. I am wheelchair bound and this is the only reason I am single.

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