Raise your voice against the trend of rapers and stalkers as heroes on Pakistani TV

Stalking Women


Hania Tahir
4 minutes read

Media, undoubtedly puts a great impact on the minds of people. People tend to adopt what they see on their tv screens. It is a common observation that the way of dressing, talking, and various lifestyles shown in the television programs are being imitated by common people. In the same way, new trends that media introduces also affect people and they embrace those trends no matter what. The tv drama industry in Pakistan is promoting  trends that are not ethically or morally accepted by our society.

Now a days, on our tv many drama channels are being aired at the same time. All of them in the competition of getting more viewership than the others. In this race, they are producing dramas based on pointless stories. They do not think about the effect these dramas put on the people, especially the youngsters. It can be observed that these dramas are usually based on stories of Bollywood that somehow promote vulgarity.

Do you know: On an average, youngsters spend almost 3 to 4 hours of their day in watching television. (Source: Punjab university research)

Although the drama industry can be used in a positive way so as to promote the ethical values and encourage people to strive to work hard and embrace success, instead, they are promoting things that are highly negative. All the people are inspired by high ranking heroes and they try to follow them in their footsteps. But the irony is, when the heroes are being portrayed as rapists, stalkers, snatchers, murderers, drug addicts, and robbers, then who will the youth follow now. Definitely, they will gladly follow these heroes, who are actually being respected for their negative roles.

PEMRA should certainly ban such storylines that are based on such characters. The producers claim to bring forth the reality infront of the people, but they are actually forgetting that they are only promoting those bad incidents by displaying them.

The idea of love has definitely been destroyed by the cheap romance shown in dramas. Heroes stalk the girl they like and finally end up being married to them. Now the question that arises is, can all this stupidity happen in reality? Where in the world would someone marry a person, who is so immoral that he would stalk a girl. It is just promoting vulgarity in our society, nothing more. The producers make such dramas to increase their viewership and earn more money, but they are least bothered by the repercussions on the society. Teenagers, instead of giving time to their studies and focus on being successful, are being indulged in such activities. Girls in those dramas run away from their homes and then spend happy lives with the love of their life. Now, who will tell the girls of our society that this all is not real and just a fantasy. For a woman, respect always comes first and if she ever runs away from her home, she will never be respected in the society.

Rape is a bitter truth of our society, but how can it be told as an evil if the heroes are being showed as rapists, the heroes who inspire others. Yes, a drama aired a few months back portrayed the same. At the end, the hero was a good person. No matter what the story was, the portrayal of the hero was negative and it should not have been aired.

It is our society so, it is our duty to reform it and keep such evils away from it. We need to raise our voices against such dramas. If we want to save our society from the greater evil, we need to step forth and take action. What encourages the producers to make more of such dramas? The rating they get. If we become determined and stop watching them, ultimately they will have to stop making such dramas. It is us, whose views promote such things so, it should be us who have to stop such things. The government should also look into the matter and charge the producers with heavy fine for producing such dramas, based on pointless stories that has nothing to do with the reality and are just a wastage of time. Let us all play our roles in preventing the promotion of such baseless dramas and make our society a better one.



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