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Cinema in Pakistan was in the dark for a very long time, but now a complete revolution can be seen in the Lollywood. The quality of projects being done are worth the appreciation from film-makers in the world and the audience. The showbiz industry was already famous in the world for its pop music and outstanding Pakistani dramas. There was the time when there was only one media house showing Pakistani dramas and the same were considered the best in the region. Even now, Pakistani dramas are considered the best and are a valuable export of ours. On the road to revival, Lollywood is delivering the best. Pakistani people, who just went to the cinema for Bollywood or Hollywood movies are rushing towards the screens just to watch the work of their very own favorite stars.

Once again, get yourselves packed up and rush to the cinemas on 6th May to watch another Pakistani movie Mah-e-Mir.

It is a biographical film on the famous poet Meer Taqi Meer, the man whose poetry has been a part of our Urdu books. The movie has been directed by Anjum Shahzad and will be released by Hum Films nationwide. The film is produced by Khurram Ran, Sahir Rasheed, and Badar Ikram. Sarmad Sehbai has written the poetic dialogues of the movie. Tthe film’s cast include Fahad Mustafa in the role of Jamal/Meer, Iman Ali as Meer’s love interest Mahtab, Sanam Saeed as Naina Kanwal, Alyy Khan as Nawab Sahab and Manzar Sehbai as Dr. Kareem.

The film is based on the life of Meer Taqi Meer. Mah-e-Mir is a story that follows the struggle of a modern poet and draws parallels with events in Meer’s life. In the film, the young poet goes through the sufferings of love, poverty, and separation, which drive him to madness, where he discovers the 18th-century ‘god of poetry’ Meer Taqi Meer.

Iman Ali, who will return to the screen after a long break, said:

I can never say no to Anjum. It was his directorial debut and I had to be a part of this film. Normally you read a script and then decide but with me, it was the other way round. I had not read it because I knew Anjum will make a terrific film and will do justice to the characters. My character is a mysterious one. You cannot crack it. It’s something that I am figuring out myself. That’s Mahtaab for you.

Sanam Saeed, while talking about her role in the movie, said:

Naina is a very calculated, mature, slightly sensual, confident, and a secure woman. To portray Naina Kanwal’s character was a very challenging task for me. Her vocals and my way of speaking are 180 degrees apart. But undoubtedly, Sarmad Sehbai (the director) had made it possible for Naina to come to life.

Fahad Mustafa, while commenting on his role in the movie, said:

I had actually returned the script after reading it. Not because I didn’t like it but because I thought abhi mein iss qabil nahi, but Anjum steered the entire film in a way that my faith just grew stronger with time. From the Urdu language to dialects to the interpretations of Mir’s poetry, Anjum walked me through it all. Also, his character has a lot of humor in it. I would say he is a younger version of Anwar Maqsood.

With such promising actors, we hope to see a great movie in our cinemas on the 6th May. I guess now it won’t be too early to claim that our film industry is surely on its way to success. Mah-e-Mir’s official theoretical trailer was released on 23rd March. Enjoy it! https://www.facebook.com/MaheMeerMovie/

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