Meet Zymal Umar, 9 years old youngest entrepreneur of Pakistan

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You might hear people saying that there is plenty of talent in Pakistan, but they don’t have the opportunities to utilize their potential to the fullest. We all sit on our couches and identify various problems in Pakistan. But just discussing them and leaving it there isn’t going to improve anything. Indeed, we have a lot of potential in our youth, and having better opportunities will help them flourish. But if one is truly passionate about a cause, he/she won’t wait for the chance to knock on the door. Zee bags is an innovative project of Zymal Umar, a nine years old girl who is well known as the youngest entrepreneur of Pakistan.

Zee bags

She is a student of grade 4 at Beacon House School System Sargodha, Pakistan. Her aim is to serve the poor people of the country, trying to provide them shelter and uplifting their lives. She hopes for a neat and clean, greener Sargodha and greener Pakistan. At such a young age, she was disheartened to see plastic bags lying everywhere on roads and streets of Sargodha. She started gathering newspapers and making environment-friendly bags at home so as to help her city breathe again. Currently, she promotes these bags to her relatives and at fairs. She is using the profit to help the orphans living at SOS village.

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Zymal Umar says that she doesn’t want to protect the environment. She intends to create the world where the environment does not need any protection. According to her, if trees gave off Wi-Fi signals then we would be planting so many trees. By using paper bags one can stop the use of plastic bags, which are affecting our health with blocked sewerage system, and resulting in pollution.

She also plans to expand her ideas to a broader level. The Facebook page Zee bags has been asking people to be a part of Zymal environment friendly business. Zymal Umar wants everyone to make paper bags at home and schools. Share them with Zymal, so that they can sell them at shops and malls now. The income of these bags will go for the charity projects, especially for the underprivileged children.

Indeed, it is an honor for all of us that a 9-year-old Pakistani, Zymal Umar was awarded Prince Abdul-Aziz Bin Abdullah International Award in the category of “Children Pioneer Award” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She was the only Pakistani amongst entrepreneurs from various countries. The award was given to the children on their dedication and pioneering spirit to do something new. Zymal Umar also participated in Tie’s Startup Cup Pakistan 2016 and was awarded the youngest startup/entrepreneurship award.

Zymal umer

She has also been honored with a Gold Medal by Federal Secretary of Education in Pakistan, Mr. Hassan Iqbal, on her achievements in the field of environment and social sector.

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