15 Things Pakistani girls should buy this Summer

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In Pakistan, Summer is considered to be a very hard season, but by making just a little changes in your life you can enjoy this time of the year. Only a little bit of effort will help you make this summer season enjoyable.
Mentioned below are the 15 things every Pakistani girl should buy this summer to have the best and memorable time of her life this season.

1)Floral Dresses

Floral Dresses
Buy cute floral print dresses, whether they be of lawn or chiffon. Bright floral dresses lighten up the mood in summers.

2) A cool pair of sunglasses

Buy a cool pair of sunglasses
If someone truly wants to enjoy this harsh weather, she needs to buy some good pair of sunglasses. A cool pair of sunglasses will not only prevent harmful rays from entering the eyes, but it also makes people look stylish.

3) A bright handbag

A bright handbag
Summer is a season to enjoy vacation and for this, all of you girls need to buy a beautiful and bright hand bag to carry all your daily essentials in a classy way.

4) Funky Nail Colors

nail polish
Girls, this summer give yourself a little treat by getting a good manicure and buying cute funky nail paints or nail stickers. The good choice of a nail paint can refresh your overall look.

Do you know: Watermelon is the summer's favorite vegetable. Yes, vegetable and not a fruit. It is part of the cucumber, pumpkin, and squash family. Fruit or veggie, this juicy favorite is 92 percent water and the average American eats 15 pounds of watermelon a year (Source: 9 News)

5) A wonderful Perfume

A wonderful Perfume
In summers, a perfume is a must. But the thing which should be taken care of is that buy a good quality perfume of a decent fragrance rather than going for a cheap low quality perfume whose smell results in a headache.

6) A sunscreen

a bottle of good sunscreen
Sunrays can be a little cruel sometimes so, whenever you go out on a hot summer day never forget to apply sunscreen. Buy a good quality sunscreen for that and take it with you no matter where you go.

7) Long and Flowy Skirts

full lenth bright skirts
Don’t be afraid to try out new things this summer. Buy a maxi-skirt for you to give yourself a trendy look. They look wonderful, elegant, and flattering, no matter what your height is.

8) A Water Bottle

In order to keep yourself hydrated, carry a water bottle everywhere with you.

9) Cute Bracelets

cute bracelets
Summer is the season when girls can show off their jewelry through their half or quarter sleeves. Buy cute and elegant bracelets, which go with your daily routine and are not too heavy.

10) Kohla puris

Kohla puris
Decent and colorful Kohla puris are all in, this season. Go and buy some bright pairs of kohla puris to add them in your shoe collection. The one benefit of kohla puris is that they go with every kind of dress. No matter you are wearing jeans or a Qameez Shalwar, Kohla puri will increase your elegance.

11) Elegant Anklets

Buy cute and elegant anklets to give yourself a charming look. The anklets must not be heavy because heavy anklets in summers do not look good.

12) Bright Clutches

Bright Clutches
Buy bright colored cute clutches to carry your cell phone, cash, and important cards.

13) Ankle Socks

ankel socks
Summers are the perfect time to buy and wear our all time favorite cute ankle socks.

14) Classy Hats

classy hats
Buy a hat to give yourself a trendy and classy look while going outside.

15) Flowers for hair

flowers for hair
Buy cute flower crowns for your hair to treat yourself like a princess you are.

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