Qandeel Baloch, 11 times declared as the drama queen of social media

qandeel baloch


Sarmad Ali
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Using social media for gaining popularity, is an old practice followed by most of the struggling stars. And Pakistan is very lucky in this regard as this practice never stops here. There is a line full of these individuals waiting for their turns to catch the limelight. Most of them just get a flash of the limelight, and few of them succeed in getting it. To be a social media king/queen, you don’t need any special talent. You just need to be “bold”, audacious, and shameless. If you possess these qualities, then welcome to the so-called “Stardom”. Recently, we have seen a Pakistani Diva, Qandeel Baloch, self-promoting herself on social media through ostentatious and hilarious videos and posts, on facebook and twitter. A few years back, no one knew who she is, and now every Pakistani knows about her.

Do you know: Qandeel Baloch Is Daughter of A Sindhi Politician (Source: Webzpk)

Her success story does not include any sort of hardships, bravery acts or destitution. At the age of 22, she was first seen in an audition for Pakistan Idol, a singing competition. Similar to her other peculiar qualities, her singing also was matchless. All hail to the Pakistan Idol judges, if they would have selected her, today we might not be seeing her unmatched idiosyncratic talent. So, let’s see how, 20 times, Qandeel Baloch was the drama queen of social media.

1. Philosophy of Qandeel Baloch vindicating her “bold” videos.

2. She’s in a severe need of a doctor who could help her sleep, a message to every Pakistani. She is a “big big” patient.

3. A message to every Pakistani exclusively from Qandeel Baloch

4. “Smoking is injurious to health”-campaign by Qandeel Baloch. You can learn how to actually smoke a cigarette.

5. Qandeel Baloch being unstoppable, a serious step for Kashmir Movement. A message for Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Another publicity stunt.

6. She can’t sleep, someone please help the poor soul. Congratulations, you have wasted your precious 18 seconds of life. (And much more if you keep watching her videos.)

7. The poor soul, Qandeel Baloch, protesting against the government on announcing no holiday on Valentine’s Day. Another proposal for IK (Imran Khan) by young, talented, and famous Qandeel Baloch. Brace yourself Imran Khan, Qandeel wants you for a lifetime, not for one day.

8. Hold tight and sit back, you’re going to meet hot, sensational, gorgeous, charismatic, enchanting, irresistible etc. etc. and above all self-obsessed beauty. Finally, we’re going to unveil snow white of Pakistan, Ms. Qandeel Baloch.

10. After Imran Khan & Shahid Afridi, this time, it’s Virat Kohli. Yes Virat, you got a proposal from Qandeel Baloch. What are you waiting for? Not everybody gets the opportunity. Come on, hurry up and grab the “golden opportunity”.

11. Finally, we got the reason why we lost cricket match from India. Our cricket team loves us so much, as they know we’re already facing terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, corruption, and many other issues. So they wanted to save us from another disaster, the Strip Dance of Qandeel Baloch. We have survived through all the above-mentioned disasters but our cricket team was so sure that we wouldn’t survive this one. Instead of criticizing them, we should praise them.

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