Best of the hilarious posts on social media about Taher Shah’s “Angel”

Taher Shah Angel


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The legendary singers like Sajjad Ali, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Azmat, and the producers of Coke Studio are trying their best to make great songs. Somewhere in Pakistan, there was also a man called Taher Shah, busy making a masterpiece for the Pakistanis. After striking our ears with the song ‘Eye to Eye’, Taher Shah is back with his new song “Angel, mankind Angel, I am like an Angel”. We can surely say that the thought “Log Kiya Kkahen Ge?” (what people might say?) is something that is totally omitted from his life. Though we all are criticizing him and he has become a source of laughter for the people, the guy has some level of confidence. The absurdity of the song and the way he has beaten up the very idea of music has made him top the Twitter trends, Facebook search, and the YouTube views.
Everyone is astonished by the beautiful Angelic song. Not only in Pakistan, but it has been listened to throughout the globe. Qandeel Baloch and Amir Liaquat surely have a hard competition this time. Here, we share the top 20 hilarious social media posts regarding Angel.

“Badnaam Honge Toh Kya Naam Na Hoga.”




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