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Siddeeq Public School in Rawalpindi denies admission to christian children​

Siddeeq Public School


Aleena Naqvi
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One of the reasons that led to the creation of Pakistan is that the Muslims were living as minority and were facing discrimination against all aspects of life. Quaid-e-Azam saw the vision of a country in which everyone will live equally and there will be no discrimination of any kind. But it seems that we have miserably failed at achieving the welfare state that was once envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam.

Siddeeq Public School, one of the most famous and prestigious schools in Pakistan, denied admission to a child on religious basis. This school denies admission to students because they belong to Christian community.

According to a PotDrum website, a Christian woman named Sonia Gill went to the Siddeeq Public School in order to get her nephew admitted. When she went to the administration and revealed the fact that she belonged to Christian community she was told that her nephew cannot get admission in the Siddeeq Public School because the Christian students are not allowed in this school. This regretful event took place on 11th March, 2016.

Do you know: About 1.6 % of Pakistan’s population is constituted by the Christian community. (Source: Wikipedia)

Education is a right of every child no matter what religion they belong to. Denying a child education is a crime. A school, which denies education to a child because he/she belongs to a certain religion should be penalized strickly for doing so.

An educational institution is a place where the future minds of a nation are shaped. If the administration of a school is harboring discriminatory policies based upon the religion, it is not the best place for shaping the future minds. According to Quaid-e-Azam, the youth of a country is its future and if the children are studying in a school with such policies, they are going to have the same feelings. These feelings lead to hatred and intolerance, which is already tearing our society apart.

Sonia Gill was not just shocked but also appalled by the remark that was so unashamedly made by the admin of Siddeeq Public school. She said that it did not matter what the admin said because she will never admit her nephew to a school, which harbours such policies.

Quaid-e-Azam established a country in which he wanted all people to be free to go to their temples. They were equal citizens in every aspect. But if this idea has failed to infiltrate the famous school like Siddeeq Public School, then this country is going down a very bad road.

This attitude of a famous school begs the question that what are we teaching our children. Do we really want our children to grow with such discriminatory attitude.

There are several missionary or Christian schools in Pakistan where majority of the students belong to the Muslim community. No Muslim student has ever been denied admission in these schools because they belong to Muslim community. On the other hand, the students belonging to Christian community face intolerant behavior in this regard.

Pakistan has suffered a lot because of the hatred on religious basis. After the massacre of Army Public School; the government of Pakistan, the Armed forces, and the Islamic political parties vowed against the hate crime in the National Action Plan.

This incident shows that we do not just have to fight the terrorists on physical level but there is also a need to defeat the terrorist like mentality of people. It is very important that the authorities take strict action against the administration of the school so that no such incident takes place in future.

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