The magical voice of Nazia Hassan!

nazia hassan


Hira Faraz
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The first Pakistani pop queen, Nazia Hassan was born in Karachi on April 3rd 1965. She was the one who transformed the Pop Music culture in Pakistanand made a band with her brother Zohaib Hassan in early 80s. The famous Duo made 5 music albums that includes Disco Deewane (1981) that broke record sales in Pakistan, Boom Boom (1982), Young Tarang (1984), Hotline (1987), and Camera Camera (1992) . Each album has hit songs that are still remembered by their fans, and love to hear them again and again.

It is certainly a wonderful thing for an artist to be loved for so many years. Nazia Hassan has left an impact on us in such a way that she is still alive in our hearts. A recent hit of a remake of her one of the hit songs she sang for an Indian movie “Disco Deewane” gave us more reasons to remember her. Nazia Hassan was the one of the singers with a magical voice and that’s perhaps the reason why her songs become an instant hit. She is still remembered for her unique style and for introducing “Disco” tunes to the entire Sub-Continent. Being one of the craziest fans of Pakistani Music luckily, I have the privilege to listen to some beautiful songs by her in my childhood.

Our Music industry has been unlucky of not having good female singers. Even more than a decade has passed away since she left us; we are still searching for some good female voices. I don’t believe any female singer in Pakistan has been able to replace her and the magic she brought to her songs. She became famous at the age of 15, when her song “App Jaisa Koi” from the movie “Qurbani” became a hit in India. Nazia Hassan remains the youngest individual to won a Film Fare Award for the Best Female Play back Singer. After her first Music album “Disco Deewane” was released in 1981, since then there was no looking back.

Well her personal life it was a bit tragic as she had a complicated marriage and fought a fatal disease of lungs Cancer which eventually haunted her back and took her life. She died on 13th August 2000 in London, where she lived last few years with her family. She secured a divorce from Ishtiaq Baig just 10 days before she died. She then left a 3 year old boy Arez Hassan, who is now 18 and is brought up by his maternal grandparents.

Together the sis/bro duet has rocked the entire Sub-Continent and made their Asian blended music popular among the Pakistani youngsters. They were the pioneers of introducing Music videos in Pakistan. In 1991 Nazia Hassan released her last music album “Camera Camera” and then she joined The Department of Political and Security Council Affairs at the United Nations in New York. She worked there for about two years. She was a keen charity worker, which is not widely known. She has also dedicates her various albums to charitable causes. She may have gone now but she will never be forgotten. She will continue to love in the hearts of many people around the world, the hearts that are touched by her charismatic personality and magical voice.

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