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7 year old Pakistani girl to sue government over climate change

Rabib Ali, Climate change Pakistan case


Aleena Naqvi
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Climate change is an extremely important topic worldwide. The climate is changing because of the ignorance shown by the concerned authorities, who have failed to implement the environmental laws successfully. Global warming is melting the glaciers more quickly, which is leading to extreme weather conditions.

Pakistan only contributes less than 1 % to the total global greenhouse gas emission, which is quite lowest among the other countries of the world. But despite of low greenhouse gas emission, Pakistan is very vulnerable to the climate change. There is very little technical and financial capacity to adapt to the adverse impact of the climate change. The global warming in Pakistan is terribly affecting the Himalayas and threatening to increase the flow rate of the important rivers of Pakistan. This is affecting millions of lives every year. Pakistani people have suffered from floods and drought in the recent years.

Do you know: In Pakistan the largest source of greenhouse gas emission is the energy sector. (Source: Wikipedia)

The government of Pakistan may not be taking the climate change very seriously but a seven year old Pakistani girl, Rabib Ali, is determined to make the officials realize their lack of action over the issue. This seven year old girl is suing the government over the climate change. She has argued that it is their responsibility to protect the common natural resources.

Torrential rains and floods in Chitral have left 36 dead and affected more than 250,000 people

Torrential rains and floods in Chitral have left 36 dead and affected more than 250,000 people

Rabib Ali is the petitioner of the complaint against the government. She has filed the complaint through her father, Attorney Qazi Ali Athar. Her petition will highlight the contrast between the statements of the Pakistani government about the climate change and their plans to increase the cola consumption.

She has support of the U.S based not-for-profit Our Children’s Trust. This trust is working on developing a group of youth, which is well aware of the significance of action against climate change.

Rabib Ali said that she promised to fight for the environment last year while celebrating the ‘World Earth Day’. She said that she has pledged:

Allegiance to the Earth and to the flora, fauna and human life that it supports, with safe air, water and soil, economic justice, equal rights and peace for all.

She wants the government to make the same promise so that the future generation will have a safe and clean environment to grow up in. It is important to take the necessary steps today in order to ensure a better future.
This case is one of the latest lawsuits that are being filed globally in order to force the governments to rethink their policies on environment and to make sure that the proper action is taken regarding this important matter. It follows an extraordinary win in the Netherlands last year, where the government had to increase the targets for emissions reductions.

The Chief legal Officer of Our Children’s Trust in Pakistan, said that the purpose of the petition is to ask the courts to pass a law, which ensures that the public trusts of the youth are protected responsibly and the fundamental rights are safely under the constitution.

Art and cinema is a very powerful tool. There are countless movies, which have shown us the future that awaits us if there are no practical steps taken against the climate change. It is refreshing and promising to see that young children like Rabib Ali are aware of the serious consequences of not preserving the environment and understand the need for the laws to be enforced.

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