10 Simple ways to reduce hatred of Non-Muslims towards Muslims

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Islam is a peaceful religion, it teaches love, peace and harmony. There have been many incidents which portrayed Muslims as a violent group of humans, therefore it must be clarified that those incidents have nothing to do with Islam and Muslims. There are a lot of non-Muslims who tend to hate Muslims, believing that Muslims have always been involved in extremism, spreading terrorism and hatred.

Muslims should take measures to remove suspicions of the non believers. So here are ten ways through which Muslims can help in reducing the hatred of Non-Muslims towards them:

1. Be a Good Neighbor

All Muslims should set a good example to their non-Muslim neighbors by being nicer towards them. Set an exemplary behavior so that you as a Muslim leave a good impression on non-Muslims after socializing with them. Non-Muslims should hang out more with Muslims becasue it will help them to know Muslims better and they will find that Muslims are as friendly as any other group. After all, they are humans.

2. Help Non-Muslims in Learning the Teachings of Islam

Muslims should help non-Muslims in learning and understanding the teachings of Quran. Now a days, non-Muslims believe anyone, who says negative things about Muslims and Quran, therefore Muslims should play there role here and first thoroughly learn the Islamic teachings themselves and then teach them to non-Muslims because only then they will find out how beautiful Islamic teachings are as they propagate peace, love, harmony, companionship, charity and humbleness.

3. Have Open Discussion with Non-Muslims

Muslims shouldn’t feel hesitation in talking to non-Muslims and removing their misconceptions about Islam. Alot of non-Muslims think that Islam is a violent religion, this is totally wrong. They should discuss their views with Muslims because only then they will know the true image of Muslims. A lot of people think that Islam supports terrorism in the name of ‘Jihad’ but Islam is a peace loving religion in which ‘Jihad’ means ‘to kill the demon in ourselves’ as well as defending one’s own property and rights, but non-Muslims will learn about these facts only if they clear their mind by discussing these matters with Muslims.

Do you know: Islam is the second-largest and the fastest-growing religion in the world. (Source: Fact Slides)

4. Encourage Them to Ask Questions

Muslims should encourage non-Muslims to ask questions in case there is anything regarding Muslims about which they are confused. Tell them not to hesitate, and talk about it openly. If Non-Muslims have any misunderstanding or ambiguity in their mind they should discuss it with Muslims to clear it out. Muslims should remove all their ambiguities and should explain the answers in a nice way.

5. Mulahs Should be Friendly

Islamic scholars should be friendly towards non-Muslims so that they can be able to comfortably talk to the Mullah or any other Islamic scholar and know about the positive side of Islam, with which they have always been unfamiliar.

6. Dont Let Non-Muslims Spread Any Rumor

Muslims should take care that non-Muslims do not spread any rumor or false news against them. If non-Muslims find something from any source about which they are not sure, ask them to consult Quran or discuss it with a Muslim scholar. Encourage them to be open and help them in clearing their concepts about Islam in order to avoid spreading of false news about Muslims becasue that fake news will result in portraying Muslims in a negative way.

7. Help Non-Muslims in Exploring Islam

Muslims should help non-Muslims in clearing their misconceptions about Islam. Ask them to learn Quran and explore Islam because only then they will get to know alot of more things
about Muslims and non-Muslims will enjoy doing so because Islam is an easy religion and it is fair for all.

8. Encourage Them to Learn about the Life of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Encourage non-Muslims to learn about the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and by doing so, they will find a lot of good examples about teachings of Islam.

9. Non-Muslims Should Stop Believing in Everything Shown by Media

Non-Muslims should not believe anything bad about Muslims just becasue it is shown by media. Do a research and find the truth yourself.

10. Spread Awareness

Learn about the correct teachings of Islam and spread them, to let others know how beautiful this religion actually is.

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  1. Another great article. I especially notice #9 and it’s very frustrating that people believe everything and don’t realize that media is skewed to benefit those reporting it.

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