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300 years old historic Sikh Temple reopens in Peshawar

Sikh in Pakistan


Sarmad Ali
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When foreigners are asked what they think about Pakistan, we get a one-word reply, insecurity. No doubt in the past few years, due to terrorism, the false image of our country has been portrayed in the world. Pakistan was believed to be one of the most unsafe places for minorities, but not anymore.

Our government is taking some serious measures to bring forward the real image of Pakistan, in particular for the minorities. But now, who says Pakistan is dangerous for minorities? No, it is not, and this can clearly be seen by the recent step taken by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government. They revived the ancient Sikh temple for worship and are helping them to renovate it.

Do you know: The largest Sikh population in Pakistan is found in Peshawar, in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (Source: Wikipedia)

In Peshawar, almost three hundred years old Sikh Temple is situated in Jogiwara Street of Hashtnagri. The sanctuary was revived for Sikhs to show peace, harmony, and equality among minorities. The temple was reopened for Sikhs after 70 years. The ceremony was conducted by the Evacuee Trust Property Board. The chief guest for the ceremony was Siddique-ul-Farooq, chairman-Evacuee Trust Property Board. The ceremony was also addressed by the Adviser to Chief Minister on Minorities Sardar Suran Singh and leaders of Sikh community, Sahib Singh and Bishan Singh.

Security of Sikh Temple Peshawar

A police official standing in front of Gurudawara Bhai Joga in Peshawar

The delegates of Sikh group, neighboring old folks, and common society individuals were likewise present at the event. Mr. Farooq promised to donate Rs. 1 million for look after and Rs. 3 million for the renovation process; told by Mr. Sardar Singh. He also shared the credit for reviving of the sanctuary with Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, Peshawar Deputy Commissioner Riaz Khan Mehsud, police authorities, and Muslims reconciliatory council.

“Islam teaches religious harmony,” said Mr. Farooq.

He further added that reviving of the sanctuary demonstrated that Muslims dependably had faith in inter-religious amicability and quiet concurrence.

Sikh distributing Parshad

Sikh receiving Parshad at the newly opened Gurudawara Bhai Joga in Peshawar

Mr. Farooq endorsed crematorium for Sikh group in Hassanabdal and development of 1,000 rooms in the living quarters in four urban areas spread countrywide. Mr. Suran Singh said that the reviving of the sanctuary would not bring about any obstacle in routine life of common people. In the region, both Muslim and Sikhs would live gently.

We have guaranteed the nearby occupants in an understanding that they will have no issues with reviving of the holy place,” Suran Singh told the media persons.

Prior, Sahib Singh requested for security, the arrangement of caretakers, sensible upkeep staff, power generator and, construction of toilets for the sanctuary. He said that Muslims played an important part in the redesign of the sanctuary.

As per an official source, the Sikh Temple was shut down before the creation of Pakistan due to a bone of contention between Sikhs and Muslims. An individual from both groups was slaughtered as a result, he said.

Do you know: More than 20,000 Sikhs are currently living in Pakistan. (Source: Wikipedia)

A joint jirga of Muslims and Sikhs drove by the delegated official figured out how to resolve the dispute and cleared the route for the reviving of the sanctuary after the fundamental redesign.

The sources said that a wall would be built close to the temple to guarantee the protection of the neighboring girls’ school. Another wall will likewise be developed on the top of the sanctuary to guarantee the security of the neighborhood individuals dwelling in the zone. The nearby individuals won’t raise protests to Sikh ceremonies in the sanctuary in future.

A few of the Sikh groups including Manjeet Singh, Reshpal Singh, and Darshan Singh expressed joy over the revival of the sanctuary and portrayed it a good omen for the minorities in Pakistan.

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