10 questions asked by the parents of a girl before finalization of the marriage

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Gohar Latif
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Are you a Girl in 20s and everyone around you is worried about you to get married. Every now and then, relatives or people visiting your house ask the same question. So when are you getting married? Use this time to introspect yourself. When you are near the process to get married, or before your marriage is finalized. Get to know yourself. Hopefully that will help you go in with a fair idea of what you want for yourself from this process. In turn you will appear at ease with the whole situation and successfully avoid blathering or mumbling.

In an Asian society parents tended to marry off their daughters, mostly without consent. There were no common questions except for the mother telling the child that her marriage had been finalized. With the change in time, the society of Pakistan has revolutionized because of the increased exposure to the western culture and change in education. Parents have now been quite open minded and before marrying off, most people consider their daughters’ consent.

The common questions which parents ask their daughters before marriage now a days are:

  1. How do you want your husband to be?
  2. What do you not want in your husband?
  3. Do you have anyone in mind?
  4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Any goals you like to accomplish before getting married?
  5. Do you want to get married in a joint family system or not?
  6. Describe the Ideal husband you have in mind?
  7. What are your goals in life after you get married? (long and short term)
  8. What are your expectations for the career your husband would have?
  9. What religious expectations do you have with your future husband?
  10. Would you want to continue with a job or studies after marriage?

Well, these are the most common questions parents usually ask their daughter before finalizing her options to get married. One thing you must know is that each question is Branched. For instance, if you look at the “Do you have anyone in mind?” question, there are a bunch of more questions related to it like, who is he? what does he do? where did you guys meet? how long have you known each other? what is his background? etc.

Do you know: Recently a bill was passed for women rights, but a part of it was negated that included child marriages, Pakistan cannot pass the law against child marriages because of its contradicting nature with the Islamic perspective. According to Islamic laws, marriage can be solemnized when a girl attains puberty. The bill was denied. (Source: Tribune)

The list continues to no end until the parental entities are satisfied to a point where there are no more questions left. Remember there is a lot of difference in opinions and decisions when every question is asked. So answer carefully and diplomatically. No matter how much it feels like you are being interviewed. From giving up the freedom to sleep through the weekend to making your peace with differences in food habits – marriage is a life-altering experience.

The List is endless and not bound to a particular area but these are the main 10 questions asked by the parents to their daughter before finalization of the marriage​. Your Family has to make sure that they understand your mental perspective about Relationships. Rest of the things are dependent on whether your destiny takes you in to an arrange marriage or love marriage.

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