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Choosing your career path or the right job in Pakistan has been the most confusing decision for most of the Pakistanis. Some will tell you to follow your passion and do what you love doing, the others will tell you to just get a decent job anywhere.

When we Pakistanis graduate, we like many things, but Love ?? Passion ?? Finding it is easier said then Done. We all want to choose a job or career that makes us happy, but at the same time should be appropriately rewarding. Its not hard to find people in Pakistan who start out thinking they would love a job or career but wind up hating it making their lives miserable and ending up making less money.

In fairness, we never know if we will be happy as an investment banker, an artist, or a professor. No one in the history of mankind has started a job and it turned out exactly how they imagined it. So only passion and “expected happiness” cannot be your only guidelines in choosing the job in Pakistan. We all should be skeptical, in analyzing ourselves the circular debt of the country, the job market of our industry. Lets do a completely honest SWOT analysis of ourselves.

We will surely find many weaknesses and outside threats, which are present at our external environment and out of our control. (like countries industry conditions and dying job market and a huge inflow of University Graduates in the country). Specifically, in fields like Business administration, Management and HR, Pakistan is offering less rewarding job opportunities. If you are lucky enough to have landed up in Engineering you can get a suitable job and make the ends meet. But do we just want to make ends meet? That’s the burning question.

If we take a closer look and do a little research we will find that our engineers are in very high demand in countries like Middle East and Saudi Arabia, where there is a huge gap between the supply and demand of technical and skilled workforce.

Do you know: There are approximately 3400,000 Pakistani’s working in Gulf countries (Source: Wikipedia)

The only possible solution is to depend on the services of overseas recruitment agencies from different markets like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh etc. There are many recruitment agencies working in Pakistan upon which the organizations in Middle East depend on. One such name is MPS (Manpower project services). It has a surprising twenty three years of track record of providing work opportunities to Pakistanis and providing optimal work force to its principle companies.

To get notified about the recent job opening in Gulf countries just follow them on Facebook or Linkedin.

Pakistan, surprisingly, in this regard, has gone a long way and has earned a repute of known and respected talent supplier to diverse markets of the world. Finding a reliable foreign recruiting source has always been a big challenge for those countries. The services of these recruitment agencies is always been risky mainly because of the quality of the workforce provided might not turn up to be up to mark. But most of the times, if you are capable enough you land right in front of the foreign company delegate for an interview.
Rest is up to you!
Happy job hunting.

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