10 Pakistani Facebook groups, that help in connecting with like-minded professional people

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Sara Riaz
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The world has become a global village. Distances are no more an obstacle in the way of communication and opportunities are just one touch away. Social networking sites such as Facebook are one of the main factors for shrinking miles into seconds. The trend of making groups on Facebook has played a pivotal role in bringing like-minded people to one forum. These groups make it convenient for people to know more about their area of interest. Ten such groups are as follows:

1. Pakistan Freelancers

This group is a platform where freelancers from all over Pakistan can share their experiences, ideas and knowledge regarding freelancing and can help each other excel in this field. As the number of freelancers in Pakistan is increasing day by day, there was a dire need of such a group. If a freelancer aims to find his niche in the world of freelancing, then this is where he ought to be.

Do you know: Pakistan ranks fifth on oDesk's top freelancer countries list. (Source: Tribune)

2. Pakistan Professional Photographers (P3)

P3 is a huge Facebook group that constitutes passionate photographers from all over Pakistan. The aim of this group has been formulated in the description of the page, saying,

P3 is a platform for those who are passionate about photography, be they beginners, amateurs or professionals. If you love photography and are open to learning and constructive criticism, then this is the platform for you.

So, if one has a lens and one freezes cherishable moments, then this is where he belongs to.

Do you know: Facebook website was launched on February 4, 2004. It had over 1.59 billion monthly active users as of August 2015. (Source: Wikipedia )

3. The Research Group-Pakistan

This Facebook group aims to provide the researchers of Pakistan with material for their research as well as relevant research paper links. Although it does not have as many members, it is expected to expand with the increasing scope of research in Pakistan and with the awareness regarding the existence of such groups.

4. Pakistan Engineers’ Association

Pakistan Engineers’ Association primarily aims to raise the voice of serving engineers of Pakistan, deliver their word to the government and make sure that engineers are getting their rights. However, it also plays a vital role in gathering professionals from the field of engineering at one forum. So if one is an engineer and wants his/her voice to be heard, this group is a must.

5. SCOPH-Pakistan (Standing Committee on Public Health)

SCOPH is one of the six committees of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMA). The Facebook group titled SCOPH is adamant on bringing all the medical students of Pakistan to the same page. It aims to ensure maximum exposure to worldwide opportunities in the field of health and medicine. The description of the group says,

Our mission is to expose all the medical students to humanitarian and global health issues, providing them with the opportunity to educate, empower and train themselves to bring about necessary changes to improve the health of the people. We emphasize the importance of public health issues of our society. We are carrying out similar activities, projects and research work that’s being carried out by all the SCOPHians in Pakistan.

6. Pakistan Physiotherapists Forum

A general physician is the only person that comes to one’s mind while thinking about the medical profession. However, this stereotype is now being broken by the increasing number of physiotherapists, pharmacists, biomedical engineers, and applied bio-scientists. This Facebook group has brought together many physiotherapists of Pakistan. It has to offer a lot of information and knowledge regarding the field of physiotherapy. Physiotherapists around Pakistan can be a part of the community by joining this group. Connecting with people in their field will help them find exposure to new horizons in this field.

7. Pakistan Startups

Pakistan Startups is a platform for those people to come together and connect, who are involved in tech startups in Pakistan. Joining this group will help them get scalability, ambition, innovation and growth.

8. USMLE, MRCP, MRCS & AMC Pakistan

This group is created to help doctors in taking the international medical licensing exams for different countries. It is a dream of most of the medical students of Pakistan that he/she gets authorized to work and study in foreign countries such as USA, UK, Australia etc. for which they take the medical licensing exam. Since this exam is difficult to pass, it needs group discussion and study which can effectively be carried out in this group. Also, those who have qualified share their success stories, tips, and tricks.

9. Cancer Support Group Pakistan {Official} Friends

While we are talking about the importance of groups for professionals, we cannot overlook the importance of such groups for patients suffering from serious illness such as cancer. A group like this is an oasis in the dessert, yet it would be a gift for cancer patients who need moral support. They need to connect with people like them and share their pain and sorrow. This support group provides information as to how the symptoms of patients are to be dealt with.

10. Pakistan Sports Forum

Owing to the unstable law and order situation in Pakistan, the people of Pakistan are in a state of worry most of the time. Most of the people in Pakistan seek refuge in sports and are diehard fans of sports, especially cricket. This group thus provides a common pitch to all the sports freaks to come and hit sixes. They can have a routine break by discussing the cons and pros of the ongoing tournaments.

There’s hardly any department in Pakistan for which a group is not made. So instead of wasting time, go get things done by joining one of your interest.

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